Monday, September 28, 2015


Allow me to introduce myself. I am now and have always been an American Dreamer. From the time I was a child, I had a vision of what I wanted my life to be like. I wanted to be healthy, happy and not have to answer to a boss until 65 when most people retire. Luckily I married a wonderful man whose vision was the same as mine.

Most of my life I have been a stay at home mother and wife. I only worked a little over 40 quarters in order to save for my children's private high school, college education and to qualify for my own Social Security. My husband worked for 34 years.

We are definitely not rich since rich today is a net worth of 5 million dollars or more. We will never be rich.  But we are financially independent and most likely will never have to work another day of our lives.

My reason for writing this blog is to encourage you to save for your financial independence. You don't have to have an income over $100,000. or higher to get there. My husband's income was well under that when he retired. It was under $50,000. for many, many years.  You just have to change your mindset about how you get there. And you have to work very hard at it every day. We are not upper middle class just middle class. 

In the news every day, I hear people who say that they will never be able to retire. I  see people who are working until 70 and beyond. If that is what you  want then do it. But I believe that the majority of people want to retire before they are 65 so that they can have the freedom and the health to do what they want. 

I don't have all the answers but I can help by sharing our experiences and what we did and still do. I can show you how we took care of the big expenses. However, there are only so many big expenses. The little expenses are the ones that will sink your ship and they have to be reined in on a daily basis.

We are not perfect and have made plenty of mistakes over the years. But most of the time we stuck to the plan and finally got our financial independence. I want to see you get yours too. You are not me nor my husband and I am sure your circumstances will be very different from ours. But that said, when I write use what you can and leave what you can't.

So come and join me while I delve into it all. I will be posting three times a week and look forward to your comments and questions.  

American Dreamer (who is still dreaming)


  1. Thanks for writing! I have enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. Hi AD, this is Chris. I just found your blog today. I am really, really happy, because I think you are one of my most favorite bloggers from the past who I have missed. I am so happy to see that you are writing again and am looking forward to going through the posts on your new blog.

    1. Hi Chris,

      I am so glad that you are back. Enjoy the posts and thanks so much for your kind remarks!