Saturday, October 17, 2015

FYI - Aldi's

I had never really noticed any clearance in my Aldi's until yesterday. I went to pick up my second case of canned pumpkin at $.89 a can since our news station said that there will be a shortage of canned pumpkin this year due to a shortage of pumpkins.  

While I was there, I took the time to really scan my store for clearance. They had a good number of items on clearance. But the one that really caught my eye was Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. I love this cheese. In my estimation it is the best there is. So much better than that "sawdust" that comes in a green container. But it can be very costly.

So I was very happy to see this cheese on clearance for $ 2.99. Another woman and I spotted it at the same time. There were 4 left so we each took two. 

We have a cheese grater like the one that they bring the cheese to the table with at Olive Garden. So we love grating it fresh onto our entrees and salads.

I asked one of the employees why they clearance their items since the items did not seem to be expiring any time soon. She told me they are products that they may or may not be able to get back in the store and only have a few left or that have been discontinued.

Now that I know that my Aldi's does have a significant amount of clearance items, I will be keeping my eyes open when I shop.


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