Friday, October 30, 2015

Getting Ready For Winter

We live in a very cold and snowy climate. So we only leave home for necessary medical appointments in the winter. I hate driving in the bad weather and I hate the cold even more.

Every year I prepare for winter by stockpiling meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits, potatoes, rice, pasta, dairy products,vinegar, condiments, baking products, an assortment of nuts, and onions. I also make sure that I have the other things that I need to put together rice dishes, soups and stews. Pearled barley, dehydrated onions and celery, kidney beans, black beans, lentils and navy beans are used in our household all of the time. I keep large food grade buckets in our basement of these items and just refill my jars as needed for my pantry.

I also store dehydrated green and red bell peppers for Mexican dishes and other recipes that call for them. I just hydrate in water the portion needed.  I check my supply of lemon and lime powder which reconstitutes with water. I also use the lime juice to sprinkle into Mexican dishes for that touch of lime flavor. The lemon juice also works well to clean the dishwasher. The cream of tartar I use in various recipes and for cleaning.  I always have tomato bouillon to use in Spanish rice and other dishes.

Lastly,  I check my supply of raisins, dried cranberries, and orange peel granules. These are all used in muffins, granola, and quick breads, cookies, etc. Over the summer when fruits were at their peak, I froze blueberries, strawberries, and peaches. They come in handy for desserts, to put on oatmeal, for smoothies, and to make pancakes. I made enough strawberry and peach jam to last us a year. 

As we were battening down the hatches this past weekend, I was thinking about how prepared we are this year. We shouldn't have to leave the house this winter to do any grocery shopping when it is snowing. We will just eat from the stockpile. Next week, I plan on making a run to Sam's Club for our non food products like toilet paper, vitamins, shampoo, and a few other staples that I pick up there. I am also keeping my eye on the sales for the rock bottom price for butter so that I can stock for another year. Turkeys and whole cranberries will also be on my November list.

We also cleaned the shed and garage last weekend and got the snowblower ready to use. When my son visited on Sunday, he helped his father move all of the patio furniture and some things from the garage into the shed. I am so glad we did that because we had wind gusts up to 62 miles an hour here the past couple of days. Our furniture would have been blowing down the street like our neighbors was. The snow tires are being put on our car today. Our local tire place that we use every year, offered us a 50% off coupon if we got them done by October 31.

I hope all of you and your children have a fun and safe Halloween tomorrow. If it isn't too cold, we will be sitting out in front of the house when the children come to give out our candy. I just hate opening and closing the door so much with the heat on.

BTW, Sunday or Monday is the day to calculate what you spent this month..........every penny of what you spent. Then you can calculate how much money you have to pay off debt or put into investments.  Also calculate your net worth so that you will have your baseline for seeing how much your net worth goes up each month.

On Monday, I will show you every penny we spent in October and what our savings rate for the month was. Then I will evaluate it.

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