Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I Am Frugal But Sometimes It Does Pay To Buy Cheaply

In a prior post I talked about how I am frugal not cheap. However, there are many things that I  do buy cheaply because it just makes sense.

I buy the cheapest toothpaste that I can find that has fluoride as an active ingredient. I can usually get Colgate or Crest for $ 1.00 or under after coupon.  

I do 8O% of my grocery shopping at Aldi's. I  buy their off brand names. They are cheaper and many of them are just as good as brand names or store brands. Produce is the only thing that I am leery of buying there. Many times when I have purchased their produce, it goes bad quickly. So I either price match it at Walmart or find it cheaper at our local produce store.

I buy the cheapest makeup that does the job. It is usually Maybelline. If I can find Cover Girl or Revlon with a large coupon then I will buy those. Sometimes I can find them at the Dollar Tree.

I buy always buy generic or store brand OTC drugs. I always used Robitussin cough syrup until one day I compared the ingredients to the store brand and they were exactly the same. Another example, we take 81 mg. aspirin every day for our health. I used to be able to keep us supplied cheaply by using coupons. That is no longer the case, so I buy a 1000 count bottle of these:

81 mg. Aspirin .

We always buy the generic (when available) prescription medication over the brand name. 

We both use Sonicare electric toothbrushes that we got free from our dentist. However, the replacement heads are expensive. So we tried these:

Replacement Heads .

They work as well as the Sonicare and we save about $10.00 for every two.

We have found toilet paper that we like at Sam's Club that is so much cheaper than others. It's called Pom and I just picked up a 45 roll package for $ 19.98. It not only saves us money but bought in bulk, it saves us time.

I stock on the cheapest shampoo and conditioner like VO5 when it is on sale for $ .79. It works as well as any of the others that are much more expensive.

We buy our wine in the box. It is cheaper than buying bottles and tastes just as good. We have found Peter Vella to be better than the average.

Even though I pay for my water that comes out of the tap, it is cheaper than buying bottled water and tastes just as good.

I buy my yeast for making bread and rolls from Sams Club in a 2 lb. package. It is so much cheaper than buying those small jars at the grocery store. I freeze the packages and just take out what I need. It stays fresh until it is gone. 

I buy the cheapest filters for my furnace that I can find in bulk packages at Walmart or our local hardware store. My heating man told me to do this years ago. He says the thicker filters block air flow.

We rarely buy cold cereal but when I do I have switched to store brands. They are just as good as the brand names.

When something has just one ingredient like salt, sugar, rice, oats and spices, I will buy the store brand or generic. I do the same for bleach. 

My husband loves his Diet Coke. But when it isn't on sale the Sam's brand is cheaper and he doesn't complain that it is different.

My husband has never eaten any mayonnaise but Hellman's or Best Foods. He insists that they are the best and that he can tell the difference. Recently, I was told by someone that Aldi's brand Burman's is Hellman's. I was very leery. However I bought a jar. He has been eating this brand for weeks and hasn't noticed that it isn't Hellman's. He hasn't even noticed that the jar says Burman's. 

We don't buy brand name gasoline for our car or lawn mower. The car runs just as well on the off brands and costs a lot less. Remember that all generic or store brand gasoline must meet regulatory requirements.

I use the cheapest denture cleaning tablets(usually the Walmart Equate brand) that I can find to clean my toilet bowl. They work just as well as buying expensive bowl cleaners. I just drop a tablet in and let it fizz and then clean with a brush.

I always buy store brand milk. I figure milk that comes out of udders doesn't change for the name  brand.

I am sure that your list will be different than mine. But these are the ones that we use all of the time.

If you have cheaper alternatives that you use, please leave a comment and share your tip with all of us. 

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