Wednesday, November 4, 2015

One Day In My Money Saving Life

The best way that I know how to show you what I do daily to save a few pennies is for you to go through a day with me.

I got up at 6AM so that I could take a walk (free exercise) before I made breakfast. After walking a mile and half, I arrived at home and took my navy shower using free samples of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and razors to shave my legs. Then I slathered on a free sample of lotion. We have a huge basket of free samples that I have collected. I am trying to use them all up. They don't save me any money just sitting in the basket. After my shower while my hair was air drying, I decided to go through that basket and take out any samples that I was sure  that we would not use. They will be saved in my gift closet to add to homemade gift baskets. While I was putting them away, I noticed that I had a nice supply of gift baskets that I had gotten at a garage sale this summer for $ .50 each. They will get used over the next year.

Then I opened the shades on the south side of the house to let the sun shine in. I most likely will follow the sun around the house opening shades when the sun is on them today. It is supposed to be 68 today so I doubt that the heat will come on. This is crazy weather for us for November.    

After making some coffee, I made a breakfast of homemade blueberry buttermilk pancakes. The blueberries were purchased fresh this summer when they were at their cheapest and frozen. I made enough pancakes for 4 meals worth. One meal will be eaten, one will go in the refrigerator, and two will get frozen for another week. They will warmed in the microwave when we want them. I always cook for more than one meal whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Less time used by me and less energy spent which makes for a lower utility bill. My husband and I enjoyed them with some homemade syrup.

Before I did the dishes, I made a batch of homemade dill dip that I will be using at lunchtime. 

I had thrown a load of sheets in the washer before I started breakfast, so I hung them to dry after breakfast.

I then took some time to look at the grocery ads for the  week and decided that the only things I want to buy are Peanut Pan simply ground peanut butter for $ 1.00 a jar after coupon, some cans of evaporated milk at $ .69 each and a butternut squash for $ 1.29. I am hoping to make a run this week to Sam's Club for non - food items so most of my money will go there. 

I made a quick stop at our local grocery store, Aldi's, the library for two books, and filled the gas tank up in our car. I had $.10 off a gallon at our local grocery store station but the price was $ 2.33 a gallon. Another station on my route gives me $ .10 off a gallon because I let them take the cost directly from our checking account. After that $ .10 off a gallon, I would pay $ 2.19 a gallon. Another station a few feet away is cash only and their price was $ 2.23. So I stopped at the $ 2.19 a gallon station. This is the lowest price I have paid in years. Also, I am loving getting books to read at the library. I used to spend a bit of money at Amazon for books but I have given that bad habit up. Matter of fact, I am listing a number of books to sell this week that I no longer want or need. It's all part of decluttering.

When I came home, I cut up some carrot and celery sticks and sliced some radishes for the dill dip I made earlier. This was our lunch today.

Taking advantage of the weather, I washed the car in the driveway. I also cleaned the interior by vacuuming the carpeting and cleaning all of the other surfaces. Lastly, I washed all of the windows with homemade window cleaner.

After drying the car and taking a breather, I decided to clean both bathrooms and wash the tile floors. I used microfiber cloths for cleaning the jacuzzi and counters and sinks. I used sponges to clean the showers. I always use homemade cleaners for all of this. Then I cleaned the toilets with an old rag and a brush. I use the cheapest denture tablets from Walmart to clean the toilet bowls. I just let them fizz and sit until I am ready to clean them. 

I had been cleaning the basement this past weekend, so I dragged the couple of bags of garbage up to the trash can.Then I collected the rest of the garbage baskets in the house to also put in the trash so that we can put the cans out to the curb tonight for trash pickup in the morning. I also emptied the small recyclable bin under my kitchen sink into the recyclable barrel in the garage to get that ready. Then I washed that bin and dried it before it went back under the sink.

I needed a rest, so I sat and entered my husband's Coke caps into the Coke Rewards site since it is double points today. Then I prepped dinner and decided to read one of the library books that I got today until I made dinner.  

For dinner, I roasted a chicken and some cut up veggies and potatoes in the same pan in my Breville toaster oven. When they came out of the oven I made homemade chicken gravy. I love my toaster oven because I rarely have to turn on my big oven which saves on energy costs. 

After we had dinner, the leftovers were safely put away for dinner tomorrow night. When the dishes were done, my husband and I decided to play a game of Scrabble at our game table. Then later we watched a movie on Netflix.  

We will read for a while before bed and then it will be lights out by 10PM.

So there is nothing remarkable about my day except that I am always cognizant of how I do things so that we save the most amount of money possible.

Did you do anything to save some money today?  Please feel free to leave a comment and share with all of us.

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