Monday, December 14, 2015

A Busy Crazy Day

I am to too tired and stressed today to even think at this hour. It's one of those days where a lot got accomplished but a lot went wrong too.

Happily, I jumped out of bed this morning to get ready for a busy day. Knowing it was going to be a warm day made me even happier. We ended up with a high of 71 which broke a 100 year old record for this day in December.

After getting a lot of things done before 9 AM, Hubby and I went to our cleaning appointments at the dentist. Fortunately, I had pulled all of our paid bills from the dentist last night and made a list of things that he has charged us for all year and when. Hubby and I had decided we were not going to pay for anything except the cleanings. No X-rays. The hygienist tried to get me to do them but I cut her off and told her I had a full panarama of X-rays when I had my root canal in November.  So we get to the desk to pay. As I am getting out my checkbook, the girl says to us, it's $ 438.00 for today. I just about fell over. I asked her if the cost of the cleanings had gone up. She said no. I said the cleanings last time were $151.00 each. She says but you each have to pay $68.00 for the exam by the dentist. Now all the dentist did was the same exact thing that the hygienist did. The hygienist checked a couple of teeth pockets, checked all the soft tissue and that was it. The dentist pretty much just looked at my mouth ( checked no pockets) and then checked the same soft tissue she did and left. Two minutes at  $ 68. for each of us is bordering on ridiculous. Then she says he charges you for that exam twice a year and he hasn't done it since last April. Then I pulled out my receipts and showed her that on October 26, he charged me $74. for an exam and then another $ 74. on November 2, which were appointments for my root canal which was a fortune besides those exams. She says I see what your saying. Well I will take that charge off for you but Hubby has to pay it. Bottom line this dentist is ridiculously expensive. I found a site online that shows the average price for dental procedures in my area. Then it shows the highest prices in the area. My dentist charges us 3 times the average price and he is way higher than the highest prices. We made our cleaning appointments for April 2016 but I am hoping to have found a cheaper dentist by then. I will do the research in the new year by contacting every other dentist in the area and asking them for a price sheet. Most of them will either mail me one or I will go to the office and pick it up. Then we will make our decision.

When we got home, we had voice mail. The message was from my cardiologist's office informing me that they could not do a test that they had me scheduled for tomorrow morning. They said they had mistakenly booked me and another patient at the same time in the same slot. The other patient had been booked the day before me.  I was not a happy camper. I have been very nervous about this test and had myself all prepared for it tomorrow. I don't understand why they didn't catch it until the day before when it has been booked for a month. When I called back she told me that she would see what they could do to fit me in elsewhere. I haven't heard yet. UGH!

Anyhow speaking up for myself, I saved $ 68. at the dentist today. 
Then I  filled the car up with gasoline for $ 1.89 a gallon because I had $ .50 off a gallon in points.

My local grocery store had sent me a $5./35. coupon for this week with another 100 points coupon for gasoline. So I used the coupon to purchase boneless chicken breasts at $ 1.58 a lb. That is the lowest price we have seen here in years. I stocked on $20.+ lbs.
When I got home Hubby helped me get them ready for the freezer. I always cut  each breast in 1/2 so that it looks like 2 breasts. That is enough for a meal for us. I cut and he put them in food saver bags and used the machine to suck all of the air out and seal the bags. Then I stacked them in the freezer. We had run out of chicken so I was happy to replenish it.

By the time we got that done, I realized that I had not thawed anything for dinner nor had I even thought about dinner and it was now 4:30PM. Hubby says we can always go out to dinner. I said no let me think a minute. I grabbed my recipe notebook and saw the recipe for Cheesy Ritz Chicken. I grabbed a package of chicken from the freezer that I had just put in there and that is what I made along with some rice pilaf and some tomatoes cut up on a plate for a vegetable. I made two meals worth so dinner will just have to reheated in the toaster oven tomorrow night.

So I am sorry that I didn't do my regular Monday post that I was planning on but I wanted to let you know why. My brain just isn't functioning well right now and I am overly tired so I am off to bed.   Hopefully I will get back on schedule for Wednesday.

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