Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Few Things That We Have Done Not To Spend Money in The Last Few Days

Before I show you the few things, I want to define how I think of saving money. If I spend $60.00 at the grocery store and use $ 8.00 in coupons, I may use the term I saved $8.00. However, unless I put that $8.00 into our investment accounts I didn't really save that money. I actually spent $60.00. Sure, I defrayed my costs by $8.00. But without the action of putting it in savings, I didn't save it. 

So in our household, we do what we can to defray costs almost every day so that at the end of the month, we actually have a large deposit that we can put in our investment or savings account. You can save money every day by using coupons or buying at a huge discount but unless you actually have some money to invest at the end of the month, you haven't saved a dime. You have spent all of your money. Spending with no investment every month doesn't help you to create net worth. Spending without any money left over to put on your debt doesn't help your bottom line. With interest you end up more in the hole which creates lots of stress in your life.

So instead of thinking about what you are saving when you make a purchase change your thinking to how much you are actually spending.

As I told you in another post, my Christmas shopping has been done for weeks. However that doesn't mean that if I see a really good deal that I can't jump on it.

After buying some clothing during the year at LL Bean for Hubby, I ended up with 2 - $10. promotional credits on my account. For those of you who aren't aware of these, you get them when you spend a certain amount of money on clothing. Each $10. has to be spent on one purchase so you can't combine them. Hubby needed no more clothing so I wanted to find a way to use those credits before they expired without spending any more money. I found these:

Water Bottle 

LL Bean allowed me to use the $10.00 credits on these even though they were only $9.95. Shipping is always free at LL Bean, so the total was $0.00 for each separate order that I submitted. I will save them for next Christmas and fill them with candy at that time and they will be one of the gifts for my grandchildren. If you don't have grandchildren, you could do it for your children, their teachers, the UPS man, the newspaper person, your hairdresser, anyone you normally give a gift too. Buy the candy cheaply when it is 75 -90% off after a holiday and you have a very nice gift purchased cheaply.

Yesterday, I ordered 5 coupons for 12- packs of Diet Coke cans for free. Yes, I was one of the lucky ones who ordered while they had the limit of 5 coupons up on the My Coke Rewards site. Then they quickly changed the limit to 4. I used only 30 points (for each) which I had accumulated during the year. I purposely saved them knowing that they do this every Christmas. Hubby loves Diet Coke. I gave up drinking soda over a year and 1/2 ago. But I faithfully enter his codes all year so that I can get these coupons. This free soda will save us from buying any for a few months. That will help increase our net worth.

If you need batteries and can find a sale on Energizer, look for the specially marked packages that give you $8.00 back via paypal or check. We needed AAA's and found two packages that had the codes inside. You need to have two codes to get the $8.00 back. We were lucky to find the batteries on sale for $6.49 each and we had $1.00 off coupons so we paid $10.98 and will get $8.00 back. I realize these weren't free but $ 2.98 for 16 Energizer batteries that we needed is really cheap.

Well, it is time for me to eat a late breakfast. So I am off to have ham, an egg and a toasted English muffin with my homemade strawberry jam that I made last summer. 


  1. I like those water bottles. What a great idea to put candy in them for Christmas presents for your grandchildren next year.

    1. Thanks! I am actually considering giving the water bottles with 50% off red candy from Christmas for Valentines Day to the grandchildren.