Monday, December 28, 2015

After Christmas Shopping

I was up and out before the crack of dawn on the day after Christmas. Some years I do better than others. This year I was very happy with the gifts that I was able to get for 2016. It's a good  start. 

I went to Kohls for opening, then to JC Penney's which was packed. Then I went home so that we could Skype with our granddaughter. After that I went back out to BonTon and Walmart.

The clothing and napkins are from Kohl's and BonTon. I picked up the Burts Bees gift set at Rite Aid at 75% off. I just happened to notice it when I stopped there to pick up a prescription. The rest is from Walmart. JC Penneys was so crowded that it was too hard to maneuver. So I looked for a couple of things and then left empty handed. I may or may not get back there this week.

Hubby was so excited when I came home with the fleece that he  claimed one right away and is wearing it. He is always cold so he is wearing it in the house. That gray fleece isn't even in the picture.

In my haste, I did make a mistake though. I am returning the  4 DVD's back to Walmart. Looking at them, I don't know what I was thinking. We have Netflix  and Amazon Prime for the grandchildren to watch. They don't need these DVD's.

The best part of the day was the fact that I paid for all of this with gift cards that I got for reward points and with Ebates money that I had been saving all year. When those rebate checks come, I cash them and put them into a special account for gifts. I still have some of that money to start the New Year with and will accumulate points and rebates all during 2016 so that I can pay for gifts and after Christmas shopping again.

The candy gets put in the freezer to make cookies during the year and to make Valentine gifts for my grandchildren. I separated out the red M&M peanuts and the red Rolos to save for that occasion.
I do this every year. It doesn't make sense to me to buy Valentine candy when I can use 50% off Christmas candy. I may fill up those water bottles that I got free from LL Bean and give them for Valentine gifts or I may do something else. I have about 6 weeks to make up my mind.

When I do my after Christmas shopping, I don't buy just because something is a good deal. I buy with a particular person in mind and so everything - fleeces, tops, slacks, Minion novelty items, napkins and Burt's Bees have been tagged with the name of the person or persons receiving them and put in my gift closet until I need them. I will continue to buy gifts at great prices through out the year to finish up Christmas, birthdays and other occasions. I actually have a grandchild with a birthday in January so I have been wrapping those gifts.    

I hope if you went shopping after Christmas that you did intentional shopping with certain people in mind and that you saved 50 - 80% off like I did. If you haven't gone yet, Happy Shopping.  

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