Thursday, December 31, 2015

December Expense Report

Here is a review of every penny that we spent in December. If there is a category that you don't see, the explanation is here

$ 278.38              Groceries         Food Only

$ 49.24                Restaurant       Rest. &Take Out

$ 54.70                Electric Bill       

$ 67.04                Natural Gas      Heating & Cooking

$ 139.83              Cable TV, Int,Tel.  

$ 596.00              Cell Phone          Yearly Bill

$  50.73               Water & Sewer   Quarterly Bill

$    7.99               Netflix               Entertainment

$ 834.96              Medical             Ins,Med,&Dental

$ 889.00              Automobile       Yearly Car Ins.

$  38.25               Gasoline           Car & Snowblower

$ 150.00              Gift Cards         Dining in 2016

$   57.92              Household        Non-food

$   29.85              Alarm System   Monthly Bill

$  174.24             Gifts             PIF with Rebate $

$   70.00              Personal       Haircut & Tip-Me

$ 3313.89            Total Expenses

We did reasonably well this month in the grocery category considering I purchased a whole NY strip loin and over 20 lbs. of boneless chicken for our stockpile. 

I hate takeout but it was a necessity since we had so many late, late afternoon medical appointments and poor planning on my part. It was one trip to McDonald's and one to Burger King. My grandson wanted donuts the weekend he stayed with us so that was one trip to Tim Hortons. And one morning, Hubby and I had a wonderful breakfast at our favorite family owned restaurant.

Our electric and gas bill was higher because of heating season but lower than last year's. 

Our cellphone is on my son's plan. He only charges us the very basic monthly charges for the phone even though we have internet, texting and all the bells and whistles. We pay him once a year for the following year so we are all paid for 2016.

Our water and sewer bill is pretty much the basic charges for 3 months. We don't use a lot of water except when we water our lawn and landscaping.

Medical and dental is much lower than last month but not as low as I would like to see it. We will be working on lowering it in 2016 especially since our medical insurance is going up.

We pay our car insurance yearly since we get a discount for doing so. The personal included a $ 50. Christmas tip for my hairdresser.

Even with having an expensive month, we were able to save 52% of our net income. 

This is our last expense report for the year. Feel free to ask any questions in comments.

I am happily looking forward to a low spending year in 2016 so that we can reach our goal of saving $50,000. Will it be easy?  No. But nothing ventured nothing gained. It will be a significant challenge but we are up for it. I invite you to join us on our journey. Set your own goals and let's plan on having the best financial year ever.      


  1. Happy New Year to you & DH. I have a Virgin Mobile prepaid cellphone that costs $35/month $453.24 per year (incl tax). It has unlimited talk, text and internet. Thought I'd share in case you are interested :)

    I'm impressed with your 20lb chicken purchase. Wish I had the freezer space. I've been buying organic chicken breasts at Sams, cause I'm so sick of the slimy watery 'chicken' that stores now offer. The organic costs a little bit more, but I'm getting a better quality chicken.

    Our summer clothing stockpile is complete, so I'm in savings mode for the new year. Will be looking for deep winter clothing discounts (I know there will be lots, thanks to the mild weather), that I will pay for with gcs

  2. Pubbler, my friend! I am so happy to hear from you. Happy New Year to you and your family also.

    Thanks for the Virgin Mobile Tip. I am going to look into that.

    I avoid the watery packages. I am not about to pay $2.00 and less a lb.for water. I always check to make sure the chicken isn't injected with water which a lot of packaging houses do.

    Yeah on the summer stockpile. Usually the end of January here we can pick up 90% discounts on clothing. Since Hubby and are buying no clothing in 2016, I will only look for gifts.

  3. Hello, we've been using prepaid Tracfones since 2009 and are very happy with them. We just bought new very smart ones and they cost us about $200-300 a year depending on how much we use them. As a bonus, our 2 older smart phones now act as game tablets for the grandchildren.

    I find your retirement success very inspirational. My husband just retired early and we think we have all our financial ducks in a row to live comfortably but we hope to be wise with what we have,
    I'd never thought of it before but on your advice, we have just started adding up our new worth and are amazed. I have mostly been a stay at home wife and he was a blue collar worker, but we've done OK and hope to do even better.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with the Tracfones. I thought we were doing pretty well with the one from our son but with you and Pubbler sharing your costs, I guess I had better do some research before the end of this year.

      I wish you and your husband much success in your retirement. Being wise is the key! I have seen so many friends retire and then spend it like there is no tomorrow and now they are wondering how they are going to cope. It's very sad.

      People think that you have to be a Dr. or a lawyer to retire without being broke. That is so far from the truth. You just have to be diligent with your savings and investing. Congrats on building your net worth! It is amazing to look at and even more amazing to watch it grow. But you still have to watch those pennies.

  4. I was going over our 2016 budget and two of our expenses increased quite a bit. Our property taxes increased $40/mo and our home insurance increased $30/mo. Fortunately, the gas prices and heating bills (mild winter here so far in the Midwest) have offset that a bit. After our fixed expenses, we have about $1000 leftover. I have to pay for all our groceries (family of just three), household pet supplies, medical/dental, clothing, gifts, etc. with that.

    It's doable, but I was hoping to save $5K after tax this year. That might be harder, but it might be a good challenge.

    1. I think it is a great challenge. I wish you the best for reaching your goal.

      Darn it would be so nice if taxes and insurances didn't go up every year but I am not counting on it.

    2. I know our property taxes almost always go up, but it was a big jump this year. We didn't find out until a month ago. I'm starting off the year with a full freezer and stockpile, so hopefully, I can keep groceries to a minimum in January.

    3. I feel your pain on the taxes. We get reassessed every year and this year was a huge jump in our assessment. We should get our tax bill tomorrow or Monday. I am not looking forward to it.

      Good luck eating from your stockpile.