Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Energy Bills

Having received my natural gas and electric bill, I was almost joyful as I read it. This morning's bill was $35. less than the same period last year - mid November - mid December. It was lower because it has been warm here in the Northeast. Our average daily temperature was 10 degrees higher than last year.  Even though rates were higher this month the bill was lower.

This bill was not the norm. The norm is for these bills to go up every year. Also the Feds and our State keep adding surcharges and fees to our bills hoping that we won't notice that they are really TAXES.  I do my best every month to try to lower these bills by 10-15%. Sometimes I do it, sometimes I fail. Since I can't do anything about the rates going up every year, I just do what I can control. 

In 2016, when I make my daily postings on what we do to spend as little money as possible on these bills I will go into detail on how we do this. 

Some things make a big impact like replacing all of your light bulbs with LED bulbs. Others are smaller like using cold water in all of my wash loads or using the Express Cycle for most loads. But all of it adds up. I know, because our yearly bills over the past 5 years have gone down year over year just because I think before I do something. It's well worth the little bit of time it takes.

So get your "thinking caps" ready and next year you too can start getting lower utility bills.

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