Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It's A Necessity To Lower Expenses

Ever since I posted our November Expense Report yesterday, I have been thinking about how we can lower our highest expenses.  If I want to increase our savings percentage in December, it is a necessity to decrease our expenses.

The two highest expenses of groceries & non food, and medical, drugs, and dental are what I will be focused on in December. I will focus on other expenses after I get these two categories under control. 

Even though we have a stockpile, we still seem to spend way too much on groceries and non food items. Our total grocery and non food bill for October and November for both these categories was $851.23. That was after I backed out the $395.65 for the leaf bagger in October which really should have been a Household Maintenance item. 

We are only two people and we should not be spending this much a month even though I did do some stockpiling. We do try to eat healthier than we did in our coupon craze period of our lives. However even considering that factor, a little over $400. a month is just too high.

The highest expenses we have are our medical, dental, and drug bills. We spent $ 2682.38 in October and November for these items. I realize that we are elderly so our expenses will be higher than the norm. But this amount has to be reduced. We can't do anything about the cost of insurance. But I have some ideas on how we  can reduce the other items, especially the OTC drugs.

So I will be letting you know what the December expenses for these categories are throughout the month and how we are reducing them. I will give you an example now.

We try to do a really good job on taking care of our teeth especially since we have no insurance. We brush and floss twice a day but this month we will do it three times a day. When we brush, we both use  Philips Sonicare Electric toothbrushes. We change the brush heads on each of our brushes 3 times a year. So we need 6 brush head replacements a year. We used to buy the Sonicare replacements that are 
here. They cost us $ 52.60 for 6 at $ 8.77 each. Then we found a generic that worked just as good which is here . They cost us $ 14.95 for 2 at $ 7.48 each. I needed to order replacements yesterday so I ordered this generic which is here. They cost $ 20.99 for 6 at $ 3.50 each. We will try these over the next year and see if they work as well as the Sonicare and Sonimart. If they do, then we have cut our costs from $ 8.77 each to $ 7.48 each and now to $ 3.50 each.

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