Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 2015 Expense Report

Here is our expense report for November. It is every dime that we have spent this month. To see an explanation of why certain 
categories aren't there, read the intro here.

$ 224.16                      Groceries                  food only

$ 148.00                      Eating Out                dinners for 2 & 5

$ 60.52                        Electricity Bill          $20. less than last yr.

$ 40.79                       Natural Gas Bill        $15. less than last yr.

$ 139.83                     Cable,Int.Tel              home telephone

$ 7.99                         Netflix                        entertainment

$1889.57                   Medical & Dental     Dr.,drugs,insurance

$ 51.70                     Automotive                oil change,tire repair

$ 50.75                     Gasoline                   car

$ 200.00                   Gifts                         gift cards

$ 107.53                   Household Goods    non food

$ 44.85                    House maint.            alarm system,teen help

$ 93.00                    Haircuts, Color        husband and me

$ 3058.69               Total Expenses

We were hoping for a better month than October. It didn't happen because of an emergency dentist appointment for a root canal that cost $ 1463. We have no dental insurance so we pay as we go. Dental is one of the things we saved for when we decided to retire early. We knew that dental would be expensive. 

Household goods was mainly a Sam's Club trip for non food items that are cheaper than elsewhere. We only make this trip quarterly.

I told you last month that we were told that a tire could not be repaired by our local tire store so we would have to buy a pair in the spring when our snows come off. My husband decided to take the tire to our trusted local mechanic for a second opinion. They said it could be repaired and did it for us for $ 20. It would have been free at the tire store since we bought the tires there. But I would rather pay $ 20. for a repair than have to pay $500. for two tires in the spring. We have off size tires so they are expensive. I guess the tire place just wanted to sell two new tires. We always trust our instincts and this time it paid off.

The restaurant meals was really two dinners. One for the two of us and one for us and some immediate family that was visiting.     

I think everything else is self- explanatory.

Even though our expenses were higher than October, we were still able to save 56.5% of our income.  We were hoping to be closer to 70% but with the dental emergency that was not happening. We were just happy that we didn't have to withdraw money from our savings to pay for it.

I hope you are still tracking your expenses and savings or expenses and how much debt you have paid off. Without tracking you don't have a clue as to where your money is going. If you don't know where your money is going, you don't know where to cut to reach your goals.    


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