Friday, December 4, 2015

OTC Meds and Groceries

In keeping with lowering my two most expensive categories this month of Medical and Groceries, I did some necessary shopping yesterday.

We only had 2 Pepcid Complete tablets which are a necessity in our household. We have always purchased the name brand believing that it was the only one that would work. I had a $2.00 off manufacturers coupon. Preparing to buy them, I decided to check prices. I checked Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart prices. The 50 count Pepcid Complete was $ 21.49 at CVS, $ 15.47 at Walmart, $ 19.49 at Walgreens, $ 13.98 at, and $ 15.99 at Rite Aid. Next I checked the prices for the store brands. Rite Aid's 50 count generic was $11.99. Walmart's was $ 9.98 for their Equate brand. Amazon's was $15.95 for the Equate brand which is higher than the brand name. I couldn't find a price for Walgreens store brand 50 count which I would have to check at their store. However 2 -25 count bottles would be $17.58. CVS's was $ 18.58 for 2-25 count bottles. They don't seem to have a 50 count store brand either. 

Even with the $ 2.00 off manufacturers coupon for the brand name, the store brands were cheaper. The cheapest was Walmart for their Equate brand at $ 9.98. I decided since Walgreens and CVS are many miles away from where I was shopping that it wasn't cost effective to drive to both places to see if they had 50 count generics. So I purchased the 50 count Equate brand at Walmart after checking the ingredients on the label and determining that the Pepcid Complete and the Equate were the exact same chewable. I have entered this price in my pricebook as the lowest. I will keep my eye open for a lower price the next time we need it. The one thing I do want to do the next time I go to Aldi's and Dollar Tree is to check to see if they have the exact same generic product at a better price. 

Last time time I purchased the Pepcid Complete brand at for $ 13.98 so I was happy to save $ 4.00.

My Walmart and my grocery store are on the same route from my house. I usually shop at Aldi's but the grocery store had some pretty good deals this week. So I purchased 5 lbs. of Smithfield Bacon, 3 McCormick spices for free after doubled coupons, 5 store brand 8 ounce assorted shredded cheeses, a gallon of store brand milk, and 2 - 3 lb. bags of Halos mandarin oranges using 2 $.50 manufacturer coupons doubled. I used a $4.00 off your next shopping order Catalina coupon and a $ 5.00 off $35.00 store coupon and a coupon for 100 gas points which equates to $ .10 off a gallon of gasoline. My total for all after coupons was $ 25.95. I was fortunate that even though my total before coupons was only $ 34.95, the cashier let me use the $ 5. off $35. coupon.

I was very happy to get the extra gasoline points since I have to make quite a few trips to a large city this month. Those trips at 160 miles round trip will use a lot of gasoline.

Also before someone comments, I have heard the warning on nitrates. However we love bacon and only use one piece for each of us with an egg and toast. Plus we don't eat that meal every day. This 5 lbs. of bacon will last us a really long time. Besides in my 60+ years, I have seen the government change their minds on so many foods that I can't count them all. I believe in everything in moderation.

Bottom line here is that I hope to lower my expenses for December by taking the time to do the math and paying attention to each purchase. 

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