Sunday, December 13, 2015

Rare Coupon for Aldi's

Rarely does Aldi's offer $ off coupons. In our newpaper last Sunday, they had a $ 10.00 off coupon when you spend $50.00. I decided to take advantage of it last week and pick up some purchases for New Year's Eve dinner and a Christmas party that we were going to last night.

I spent a total of $43.23 after the coupon. I think it was a pretty good haul for an 11-1/2 lb. spiral sliced ham, 2 packages of English muffins, 2 packages of frozen medium shrimp, 4 packages of cream cheese, 2-5 lb.bags of flour, 2 cans of spinach, 2 port wine cheese balls, 2 lbs. of brown sugar, 1 - 32 oz. chicken broth, 1 large container of strawberry yogurt, 1-24 oz. chunky salsa, 4 fresh tomatoes, and 2 lbs. of light sour cream. Not all of the items are in the picture because Hubby had already put them away before he realized that I was taking the picture.

I made a Mexican Seven Layer Dip using some of the ingredients above. I brought that and 2 bags of whole grain tortilla chips to a Christmas party last night. It evidently was a hit because it was gone half way through the party and I made a double batch.  

So watch your newspaper for this coupon. Look for iin the white print pages too because that is where mine was.        

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