Friday, December 18, 2015

The Only Budget I Am Setting For Next Year

I've told you over and over again that I don't set  budget amounts. For 2016, I have set budget amounts for gifts.

I have listed each person or occasion that I buy for during the year with a loose budget amount for each celebration day. I do this not because I am trying to spend the least amount of money possible. But because I am attempting to keep myself from over buying. I have a BIG tendency to overbuy for my grandchildren. I have spent up to $450.+ each for them for past Christmases. I go way overboard for birthdays too.

Now that they are getting older, I don't want them to think they can get every gift they have on their list from us. I am realizing that as they age, their wants are majorly expensive also. I also know that their parents are teaching them that having money means working for it and I don't want to interfere with that either. They do jobs outside of their regular chores for a set amount of money per job. My granddaughter, when she was here for Thanksgiving, told me that she was saving for a particular game and has been saving for a long time. She was very proud of the fact that she had been doing that. So I have decided to set loose budget amounts for 2016 on my list.

This is the budget that I have set:

Grandchildren's Birthdays - $ 100. each
Grandchildren's Christmas -$ 200. each
Sons Birthdays - $100. each
DIL's Birthdays - $100. each
Son's & DIL's Christmas - $ 150. per couple 
Son's & DIL's Anniversaries - $ 100. per couple
Wedding or Baby Showers - $50.
Weddings - $100. per couple
Graduations - $50.
Hostess Gifts - $ 15.
Christmas Gifts for Service People - $15. each
My Hairdresser for Christmas - $50.00

We rarely have any other occasions besides these. Weddings, wedding and baby showers, and graduations are far and few in between. We do not exchange gifts outside of our immediate family. Our parents died years ago and our siblings need nothing. You will not see gifts on the list for Hubby and I. That is because we buy what we need when we need it all year long and do not exchange gifts on birthdays, anniversaries or for Christmas.  

These amounts that I have set is the highest amount that we will spend for each person or occasion. If I find a great gift at 90% off retail, I may spend less than the maximum amounts. For our sons and DIL's we tend to give them cash or gift cards so we usually spend the maximum amount.

If I can find a $10. bottle of great wine for a hostess gift then that amount would change. The same would go for service people. For example: I found a great gift for Christmas this year for my UPS deliverers, mailman, and paper lady for $8.50 each. I always give $50. cash to my hairdresser even though I tip her all year every time I get a service. She deserves it. She lets me change appointments an hour before if I don't feel well that day. She also lets me cancel last minute if it is snowing because she knows I don't like to drive in the snow.

The above picture is just a very few of the many Christmas gifts that we have purchased for Christmas. The bows don't get put on until last minute so as not to be crushed. 

I hope I have not gone too low on this budget. I have no idea what other people spend or what the normal is. If you would like to share what you spend or ask me a question feel free to by leaving a comment.

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