Sunday, December 27, 2015

We Never Say No

We never say no to free things if we can use them. Relatives are traveling this holiday season for an extended period. So they offered us things from their refrigerator that would go bad while they were gone. We were more than happy to take them knowing that we could eat them within a few days or freeze them. 

Two packs of whole mushrooms and an almost full sliced mushroom package were part of what was offered. I cooked up the sliced ones last night and we had them on steak sandwiches for  dinner. It was an easy meal after clearance shopping most of the day. One package of whole ones will be sliced up for omelets this week. The second one will be used to make my mushroom sauce and then frozen in small portions for hamburgers, etc.  We were also given wheat bread and pumpernickel bread. Hubby loves pumpernickel so that will get used up for sandwiches. The wheat will be toasted for breakfasts. They also gave us Kobe Beef and salami cold cuts. This was a special treat since I rarely buy cold cuts. Lastly there was swiss cheese, a full chunk of cheddar cheese and about a half lb. of bacon.

None will be wasted and we are grateful to them for thinking of  us.
So when someone offers something like these items ( especially food that you will eat ) graciously accept. It will help your bottom line a bit.  

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