Monday, December 7, 2015

You Must Save Money To Make Money

To become financially independent, you have to first earn money. Then you have to save or invest a percentage of that money so that you make more money. Your money can be invested in the stock market to earn more money or put in a savings or money market account to earn interest. Eventually, when you have saved enough money, you can retire early from the rat race.

A third way that I save money every year is by buying gift cards at this time of the year. At Christmas there is a plethora of businesses and restaurants who offer you a deal to buy their cards. I buy lots of those deals when I see them. First they have to be worth it to us and they have to be for places that we frequent during the year. Secondly, they have to be for places that are where we normally drive. We are not going to drive 25 miles each way to a restaurant that is not on our normal route of running errands, etc. For us the extra miles we would drive would counteract the benefit of the deal. I took advantage of two gift card deals today.

Rite Aid was offering 600 Plenti points this week if you bought a $25.00 gift card for Subway. We love Subway and get take out subs or salads from them a few times a year. We have two Subways on our shopping route that are less than five miles away. I use the Plenti points to pay for our prescriptions. This is something new that they just started doing. Prior to a few weeks ago, you couldn't use the points for prescriptions. It's a way for me to defray our drug costs. So I purchased 2 - $ 25.00 Subway( limit was 2 to get the points) gift cards and received 1200 points which will give me $12.00 to use on my prescription purchases.

The next deal was at Applebee's which is only 4.5 miles from me.  We like to go out once in a while for a drink and appetizers or for dinner. So I purchased 2 - $50.00 gift cards. Each $50.00 card gave me a Mystery Value Bonus giftcard. The bonus cards are for $5.00 up to $25.00 each. The bonus cards have to be used by February 28, 2016.  When you go there, you give your server your bonus card and she or he will tell you what your bonus is. 

I will be continue to buy gift cards for us to use during 2016. By the end of the year, I will be buying as many deals that I can find on gift cards as we can use. My Christmas shopping is done for this year, but I will be making a rough outline of the gift cards that I will be buying for gifts next year and buy those if I see a deal also. BTW, regular (not bonus) gift cards have no expiration date in my state. I also only buy cards for companies that are doing well so they don't all of a sudden go belly up. Always do your research when buying gift cards the same as you would do if you were buying a stock or mutual fund.

The subject line of " You Must Save Money To Make  Money" in this case means that you have to have saved the money to buy the gift cards so that these deals make you money. I bought all of the gift cards today by using my 2% back Rewards Credit Card. It will be paid in full when I get the bill. If you haven't saved any money and have to charge these gift cards on a credit card  that you can't pay in full when the bill is due, don't do it. You defeat the purpose of buying the deals when you have to pay interest on your credit card.


  1. Hi AD, this is Chris. I never thought about doing this, but will consider it when Christmas rolls around this year. We don't go out to eat very much, but I will start looking to see if there would be anything that would be worth it for us. Great idea.

    1. Hi Chris,

      It really does save a lot of money. You can get deals other times of the year too so keep an eye out for those deals.