Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Yearly Duty Checked Off My List

I have to tell you that I almost forgot that "Downton Abbey" was on Sunday night. Fortunately I woke up 10 minutes before it started. I will miss it when it ends this season.

Here was Monday's menu:

Breakfast - Oatmeal with a sliced banana,coffee

Lunch - Salad Platter - Lettuce with sliced egg,  tomatoes, black olives, cheddar cheese and  pepperoni

Dinner - Baked Swiss Chicken served on Rice with Green Beans (Wanted to use up that Swiss cheese that was given to me)

I washed another load of laundry in cold water with minimal detergent. I never use what the manufacturer suggests. My repairman told me to use 1 tbsp. of detergent and it seems to be sufficient for my HE washer. I then hung the load to dry.

It was cold, windy and snowy on Tuesday.  Our low was 10 degrees and our high 21. When it gets this cold, it takes forever for me to get warm water out of the faucets. Not wanting to waste that water, I put a large pot under the faucet and let the water run into it. Then I use that water during the day to cook with, clean with, change the water in the fresh flowers that I have right now, to fill up my Keurig coffeemaker and to drink. I would never let it go down the drain because it wastes money. We pay for our water quarterly to the town according to how much we use. We have had bills from $50. up to $ 230.(lawn and garden watering) quarterly. The more we use, the more expensive the bill is. We also just got billed  $406.39 by the town and county as part of our yearly property tax bill for our water. So you can see that wasting water is expensive in this household. If you pay for your water, don't waste your money by letting it go down the drain without using it. It saves dollars and it saves the environment.

We have a tankless water heater which saves us  many dollars over having a tank that we have to keep heated. Once a year it needs to be drained and cleaned. To do this we gathered 2 hoses, 3 gallons of vinegar, a 5 gallon bucket and a self-priming utility pump which usually comes with another hose. There are tons of tutorials and You Tube videos online on how to do this. My neighbor pays a plumbing company about $200. to do this every year.  We did this ourselves for a lot less than that. Our biggest expense was the pump which was bought and paid for 5 years ago. It's usually a January job so that we don't forget it. So we feel good that another yearly job is crossed off our list.

I make my own powdered dishwasher detergent. I was getting low, so I decided to make some just before I started dinner. Turns out I didn't have enough Borax so that went on my errand list for tomorrow. So I will have to add that to the baking soda and washing soda in the jar that I mix it in. I use 2 cups of each item and just mix well. Then I use 1 Tbsp. in the dishwasher per load. It is so much cheaper than buying it in the store especially if you buy the ingredients in bulk at the warehouse club.

Since there was no football on TV, Hubby and I started a new to us jigsaw puzzle that we had in the closet. I stocked on puzzles last spring at our community garage sales for $ .25 - $ .50 each. We love working on them.

I hope you all had a money saving day too.



  1. Greetings! I'm so happy i found you, again!
    I wanted to mention that your water bills are low compared to ours. With just two of us, cold water washing, etc.; our Last bill was almost 80.00. That;s for one month! We don't flush every time, i save my shower water, husband does not; i don't know what else to do to bring it down. I've checked for leaks; nothing. The 80.00 bill was when our son visited for a few days, otherwise it runs about 72.00-76.00. We're in the upper peninsula of Mich; The middle of nowhere! We're only three blocks from Lake Superior; you'd think it would be cheaper.
    Thanks for all you do! I've always enjoyed your blogs and learning how to live smarter!

    1. When you add the amount that I am billed on my property tax bill to the 4 bills I got for water last year, it comes out to about $65. a month. A little lower than yours. Do you get billed on your property tax bill for water too? I try to be very careful about using water at the sink and to not overfill pots when I am cooking. There are only two of us. Perhaps your family is larger. I don't know what else to tell you.

    2. I just checked our tax bill; i don't see a line for water. I guess we're just water hogs. We don't take navy showers, but we're not showering for 20 minutes, either. I try to be cognizant of our water use; i guess we need to be better!

  2. I stockpiled lots of Cascade liquid when I found a rock bottom sale last year. My store had it on sale for $2.50/75 oz after all discounts. I bought 24 bottles :) As you know, I've experimented with this before. So I know that it's more cost efficient to buy the liquid instead of the tabs.I've marked my first bottle with the date again and this time, it lasted 6 months. I run the dishwasher daily - that's $5 for the year. I just fill a third of the cup with liquid and my dishes still turns out clean.

    I've noticed that Finish no longer sells the liquid - only the tabs, which only gives you 20 uses. I refuse to let manufacturers force or trick me into spending more money. I'd advise anyone to stockpile Cascade when there's a good sale.

    My mouth watered, when I saw the banana bread in your previous post :D

    1. You always were the "Queen of the Dishwasher Detergent". I don't know of anyone who buys it as cheaply as you do. I will keep my eye open for a deal.Perhaps I will try to determine how much it costs me per load for my homemade.

  3. I am so glad I found you again yesterday. I even stayed up late reading old posts from 2015- hopefully I will catch up to May tonight/ tomorrow. As always thank you for the continued wonderful tips. You inspired me as a young 20s newlywed nearly a decade ago. We have a toddler and a dog now. It's crazy how things change in a few short years. Keep up the inspiring work and keep sharing! Can I ask about your homemade yogurt recipe you mentioned? I may have asked years ago but a computer crash awhile ago lost my computer saved recipes. I use an old school recipe box now. Please keep sharing your wisdom with my generation :) -AJ the former coupon girl.

    1. Hi AjGreene,

      Good to see you here. I promise to do a post on the yogurt soon!