Monday, January 11, 2016

Are You Obsessed With Deal Sites?

Do you spend a lot of your time each day looking at the best deals on numerous deal sites? I know that I go to one in particular that I have mentioned in prior posts. I try to stay away but when I am looking for a particular item for a birthday or baby shower, I see other things that I want to buy or just have to have because it is such a good deal.

Most of the time I just write the item down and a few days later the urge has passed. But there are many times where I buy the item without a second thought. Until the item arrives and then I could kick myself. I didn't need it. I just wanted it. I spent money because it seemed like such a good deal at  the time.

I don't consider myself a shopaholic by any means. But I do give in way too much. That is so aggravating especially when I realize that this wasted money could go into investments and towards my $50,000. savings goal for this year. Excuse me for a few minutes while I kick myself again.

I know you are saying to yourselves but I find the best deals on those sites. I save so such money. Are you saving money or are you spending money on things that you really don't need and won't even use a couple of months from now? Is that money that could help you get out of debt? Could it help you pay off your mortgage early? Could it help you build an emergency fund so that you don't have to use a credit card when the car or furnace breaks down? Could it help you get to your goal of early retirement or financial independence? Is it so important to buy that stuff that it derails your goals?

I asked myself this question this morning. Is it worth not reaching your savings goal for 2016? My answer was a  resounding no it isn't! 

So starting this minute, I will not peruse those sites numerous times a day. I will only go there each morning and click on the freebies tab and sign up for whatever we can use. Then I will not go there again until the next morning. I will unsubscribe to those sites so that I don't get e-mails all day telling me what great deals are out there. If Hubby or I need an item for the household, we will look for a deal only on that item and not purchase something else we see while researching.

I rarely shop in malls or even stand alone department stores except for Walmart. So I have taken away the temptation of going into a store for one thing and coming out having purchased 10 things. I have very good self control when I shop at Walmart.
I throw catalogs that come in the mail into the recycle can in the garage on the way in from the mailbox. Unless I am looking for a particular item,  I don't even look at the shopping ads in the Sunday newspaper.

So why do I find it so hard to stop buying things I really don't need online? Because it is so easy! Sites like Amazon offer deals every day. You can always find something that you NEED or WANT. I am not giving up shopping at Amazon because that is where I do most of my shopping. But I will only buy what we absolutely need that has a rock bottom price and not look at the deals every day. That is too tempting.

My home is very uncluttered and I don't hoard things. I declutter on a regular basis and sell or donate what I don't want. But at some point I must have wanted those things and when I sell them I only get pennies on the dollar.

So I will hold myself accountable by telling you what I buy when I buy it. You have already seen what I have purchased so far this year, except for the baby shower things, even if I purchased it with a gift card, points or rebate money. I will continue to show you.

I know I can do this. After all I gave up smoking years ago by going cold turkey. I have will power! I do not want to give our money to big corporations because I saw something advertised online that I really don't need. I am going to keep that money in my pocket and make me richer, not them.

So if you are saying "This is me!" while reading my post, why don't you join me by being more particular  about what you do buy. Actually invest or save your money rather than give it to the rich corporations.

I was hoping to grocery shop today but we have high winds, some snow and an inch thick coating of ice everywhere. I am not leaving the house. So I will be decluttering my kitchen instead.

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