Friday, January 22, 2016

Are You Throwing Money Away Because You Are Disorganized?

As I was doing my Federal and State Income Taxes these past two days, I started thinking about how organization and money go hand in hand. 

If we hadn't kept a file all year long specifically for all of the receipts that we needed to file our taxes for 2015, we would had to look through all of the files  that had a year's worth of paperwork in them. We may have missed something that would have given us a larger refund. Or even worse, we might have had to pay a larger amount in taxes. Not only would we have lost money but we would have lost time. Time that we could have used to do something that would save us even more money.
It's pretty easy to keep a separate file for tax receipts starting in January each year.

Keeping a notebook showing the mileage every time you go to the doctor, dentist, the lab for blood work, or to the drugstore, urgent care or the hospital is easy when it happens but trying to figure it out at the end of the year is a huge time waster plus how accurate will your totals be.

If all of your paperwork and bills are in disarray, you may be paying late fees on those bills.
There are so many examples of how clutter and disorganization cost us money. How many times have you purchased something only to find the one you had been looking for? I was guilty of that recently when I bought a new rolling pin. I had been looking for mine for over 5 years. I figured if I hadn't found it in that amount of time, I never would. Wrong! It turned up in a storage box in the basement. I would have known that if I had marked the contents on the outside of  the box.

If your baking supplies or spice cabinet is in disarray, you might shop for baking powder or a spice that you can't find when you already have those items.

If your freezer is disorganized, you may be buying chicken when you have some already stuffed in the back or bottom of it. I struggled for years with my chest freezer. I finally used cloth grocery bags to sort everything into categories so that I can just pull a bag out when I am looking for something. By using an inventory list of my freezers, things don't end up freezer burned or expired.

If you own too much clutter, you may be paying for an expensive rented storage space. If you would just organize your home and toss what you no longer use, you could get rid of that storage space. Even better if the things in your storage unit have been there more than a year, do you really need them?

You pay thousands of dollars to purchase an automobile, then park it in the driveway or street because the garage is cluttered. Clear the clutter out, then park it in the garage where it is safe from the elements. 

The worst thing that clutter does is stress you out emotionally. You have no idea where to begin to get your life under control. So instead of digging in and destressing your life, you go out and spend money.

If your kitchen, pantries, refrigerator and freezer are organized so that you can lay your hand on anything you need, you are much less likely to to eat out. Clutter tends to make cooking a hassle. Keep your kitchen organized and it will be a pleasant place to spend time.

If my home is organized, l love spending time there. I spend less time shopping because I don't want to clutter it up.

So when you look at that clutter, think about how much money you could save if you just organized it. Better yet, think about how much money you could sell some of those things for and add to your nest egg. Lastly, think about what a feeling of contentment you will have to live in a pleasant comfortable environment.      

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  1. Such a great post! I like what you said here: It is so true.

    If your kitchen, pantries, refrigerator and freezer are organized so that you can lay your hand on anything you need, you are much less likely to to eat out