Wednesday, January 6, 2016

First Grocery Shop of January 2016

Tuesday was my errand day locally. I had so many stops that I had to make a list in the order of the most gasoline efficient way to do them.

My first stop was at our town hall to pay our $ 3399.21 property tax bill. We paid cash for our home so the bills come directly to us.  Property and school tax bills arrive in January and September. This is one of the reasons that we keep on saving even though we are retired. Taxes usually go up every year except for this year where this bill actually went down by $12. But that is very unusual. 

As I have written before we have many streams of income in retirement. We could easily take the taxes out of our investments twice a year. However, we always find it a challenge to pay these bills out of current monthly income annually. Our monthly income is never the same each month. It fluctuates. Fortunately in January we have more income than most months. So we were able to just pay this bill out of January income. Of course that means that this will be one of our lower savings months. But we will make up for it in other months.

The next stop was to make a return at Super Walmart. I returned those DVD's that I bought the day after Christmas. With having Netflix and Amazon Prime, I really didn't need to buy these for my grandchildren. That put $20.20 back into my wallet. Hubby asked me to pick him up a submarine for his lunch at Subway in the store. Since we have a few Subway gift cards that were paid for in 2015,  I used one of them to pay for it. Hubby and I ended up splitting it for lunch when I got home.

Next stop was our local grocery store for a few things and then a stop at Aldi's which is my very favorite store. They had bananas on sale for $ .29 a lb.  They also had their spiral sliced Appleton hams marked down by $5.00. We love their hams. So I got an 8.15 lb ham for $ 7.14 or about $ .87 a lb. I don't have room in the freezer right now but it doesn't expire until Feb. 16th. We are eating mostly out of the freezer so I figure it will fit in there by then. I spent $ 9.80 at Aldi's.  I used $4.00 in coupons and got a 6%  senior discount at my local grocery store for a total of $ 12.02. So not a bad haul for $ 21.82. ( 9.16 lbs. of bananas, an 8.15 lb. spiral ham, 1- .46 lb. and 1- .52 lb of Adam Reserve cheddar cheeses, 3 dozen large eggs, 1 Nabisco saltine crackers and 2 bags of frozen vegetables.

The last stop was at  Rite Aid to pick up 3 prescriptions. I am always grateful that at my age I can get a trip done like this in one day. 

Tomorrow will be my errand day where I have to drive 35 miles. At least it is supposed to be warmer out.  

We needed a few more LED night lights for the spare bedrooms. So when I saw Hip2Save's post  a few days ago, I ordered these night lights. I love them because they have an off, low and medium switch on the top of them. That way I can keep them plugged in on the off position when those spare rooms aren't being used. I also love the choice of low or medium settings when my grandchildren come to visit. Two of them are pictured above. Believe me when I say 4 of them for $9.99 is a great price. I am always watching LED prices.

Breakfast was oatmeal and bananas again. Lunch was the submarine that we shared and dinner was the leftovers from our Baked Swiss Chicken yesterday.

We just watched the NCIS's for entertainment.  I love those shows.
I hope that you are all having a great money saving week.

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