Sunday, January 3, 2016

Frugal Things We Did Yesterday

Yesterday was a quiet day at home. I started my day by turning off the turkey broth that I made overnight in the crockpot. What a wonderful smell to wake up to in the morning. Last night I put the turkey carcass and the skin into the crockpot from a turkey breast that I had roasted a few days ago. I covered it with water and set it to cook on low all night. Hubby had sliced all the rest of the meat up on the meat slicer for sandwiches. 

While the broth was cooling, I took my navy shower and  got ready for the day. Then after I took all of the fat off the top of the broth, I strained all of the bones, skin and meat out of it. The meat was broken up into pieces and put back into the broth. Then I added my usual sliced celery, sliced carrots, and corn to the pot and let that cook most of the day. I cooked a huge quantity of rice to use all week in my pressure cooker. Some of the rice will be scooped into our soup bowls and then covered with the turkey soup for dinners. We don't add the rice to the soup in the crockpot because it gets too soggy for our tastes.

Hubby cooked up a pound of bacon while I hard boiled some eggs. We always cook up one pound at a time.  He under cooks it a little so that we can package it up and then just microwave for 10 seconds two pieces for our breakfasts. We put 1/2 in the  fridge and 1/2 in the freezer for other breakfasts. I always cook up a dozen hard boiled eggs at a time that get used for breakfasts, snacks, and to make egg salad for lunches. With our bacon and egg breakfast we each had a half of an English muffin with SF strawberry jam.

Besides buying food in bulk, you will also see that I like to cook in bulk. It saves time and money. You only have to turn on the stove once for many meals. I do the same thing using my oven. If I am baking, I make sure I have at least 2-4 things in it baking at the same time. If I have to do one, I use the toaster oven.

After doing a little cleaning, we sat down to watch the first bowl football game. We skipped lunch knowing that later in the day, we would be having turkey soup and homemade French bread made in my bread maker.

The mailman brought us a few goodies. I can't believe how quickly
my 5 coupons came from Coke Rewards. They are for free 12 packs up to the price of $ 4.99 each and don't expire until the end of March. Since we have quite a stockpile of Diet Coke for Hubby right now, I will be hanging onto these hoping to combine them with a B1G1F sale.

The second "goodie" was our property tax bill which is due this month. I was a little anxious waiting for it since our property assessment went up by $36,000 this past spring. But for the first time in all of the years that we have been married, the yearly bill went down by $12.00 even though the assessment went up. That was a huge surprise.    

My CVS brand " Pepto Bismo " also arrived.  CVS had sent me a 20% off coupon in my e-mail with free shipping so I ordered the above twin pack for a total of $ 8.79.   Great price and I didn't have to use any gasoline to get it. 

Hubby took down the Christmas wreaths and candles that were lit in our windows.  Now that company has gone home, we have closed off the heat in that one bedroom again which will save us on our utility bill.

After dinner was eaten and the dishwasher was loaded, I watched a little more football with hubby. Then I spent the rest of the evening reading.

We kept the energy saving shades and blinds drawn on all of the windows today because it was cold and dreary outside. We try our best to keep the heat in the house. We only turned one light on in any room that we were in. Hopefully it will be warm enough for Hubby to take down the outside lights off the bushes tomorrow.

Neither of us went out in the car so no gasoline was used. For exercise, I used the  recumbent bike for 45 minutes while I was reading.

The highlight of our day was calling our granddaughter using our free long distance. She has grown into an adorable young lady and it is so much fun to talk with on the telephone. It's like chatting with your best friend.

I hope you all had a good money saving day.   

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