Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Keeping Waste Away

You all know that I hate wasting food. Yesterday as I was organizing in my kitchen, I realized that there were many leftovers that needed to be used up very quickly. I really hate it when a container gets pushed to the back of the refrigerator and ends up being a science experiment.

So after organizing all of my cupboards and pulling out things that I am not using on a regular basis, I decided to organize the refrigerator. I pulled all of the leftovers out and decided what could be used in what. 

I had one blueberry pancake, one meal of  chicken veggie stir fry on rice, 1/2 can of whole black olives, 4 slices of pineapple, 4 slices of cooked bacon, assorted leftover veggies, a 1/2  package of fresh ravioli, and a small container of leftover spaghetti sauce. I also noticed that I have about 4 apples that are getting soft and some potatoes that need to be used up. I also have pie crusts left from Thanksgiving that need to be used up in the next couple of weeks.

So last night for dinner, Hubby ate the chicken stir fry. I ate the one pancake with some fresh fruit and cottage cheese. Earlier in the day I cooked up the ravioli, heated the assorted veggies and covered it all with the spaghetti sauce. That is pictured. That gave us a  meal for  lunch.  We ate the cooked bacon with eggs for breakfast this morning. The black olives will go into a salad this week. The pineapple will become sorbet in my Vitamix for a dessert this week.

Tonight I am making meatloaf for dinner so I will serve baked potatoes and the rest of the baked potatoes will become fried potatoes for breakfasts over the weekend. I will saute apples to go with a dinner one night this week.  The pie crust will get used for pies or potpies.

Pictured is the refrigerator with the containers of black olives and pineapple waiting to be used. I like to keep my leftovers all together so they don't get forgotten. You can also see that Hubby is still the condiment king. They take up the entire 2nd shelf on the left, spill over to the third shelf, and some are in the left door. As  he empties them I am not replacing most of them. I am hoping to make most of them when we need them so I can free up that space. I also feel that homemade will be better for Hubby's health.

On Sunday we are having a birthday dinner for my grandson.  I am cooking a ham dinner for the five of us. So that ham will get baked which will give me more space.

This year I have also challenged myself to use less garbage bags. I don't compost so I try to use up every bit of our veggies and fruits. Plates get scraped into the garbage disposal. We are buying hardly any food in packaging. We are using up what we have. I will be getting back to making yogurt. I am making dishwasher detergent and laundry detergent. I make most of our cleaning products.We try to buy refills for things like hand soap so as to have less packaging. We recycle everything possible in this house. I save jars and containers for storage. I also use jars for drained grease.  When it is solid then it gets thrown out. I always have a full large recyclable can because Hubby gets the newspaper every day. We have plenty of junk mail and cardboard to fill it also.

At the beginning of the year, we used two tall kitchen garbage bags a week. We are now down to about 1 and 1/2. I save the half until it is full. I am hoping to get it down to using just one a week. I use cloth bags at the grocery store so I don't get those plastic bags anymore. Those kitchen garbage bags are very expensive and not good for the environment either. I would love to get my garbage down to a jar a week or even a month like some people I know have.  But I am still working on it. 

The grocery store was not on my agenda today but things changed. The forecast for the rest of the week is that the snow is going to get worse as the week progresses. It is not supposed to stop snowing  until late Friday. Since we only had 4 more inches overnight and the plows have been taking good care of the roads, I decided that I had to go this morning. So I ventured out and got bananas, milk and a large package of Italian sausage that was on sale. I also picked up our prescriptions at the drugstore. Maybe someday we will get all of our prescriptions in sync so that I don't have to make as many trips. 

I am a little worried about Hubby because an hour ago he ventured into the city to get a haircut. Right after he left the winds picked up and the snow started coming down again. It is a blizzard and visibility is about 100 ft. But he is a very careful and experienced driver so he should be home soon.

My hardwood floors need to be cleaned with our steam cleaner and homemade solution. So I am off to do that. After dinner, we will watch something on Netflix  and enjoy some hot cocoa. We will not be venturing out for the rest of the week. Just going to stay in and  stay warm.

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  1. Thank you for all the ideas of what to do with leftovers! It's something I struggle with, although I'm getting better with food waste. Miki