Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spent a Bit Of Money Today

I love my Hubby dearly but sometimes he can be a  big pain. Can any of you say that about your Hubby?

Mine stood in front of the snack pantry yesterday with the door wide open just starring at the contents and after about 3 minutes he closed it. Then he went to  the regular pantry and did the same thing. Then he went to the refrigerator and did it again. He didn't take anything out of any of those places. I asked him what he was looking for. It was lunch time and he says "There's nothing to eat!" He should have added to that statement and said "There's nothing to eat that I don't have to cook or prepare." This was not the first time he has done this and it is frustrating to watch.

He actually reminded me of my boys when they were teenagers who would do the same thing and make the same statement. I sometimes think that men never grow up.

Now I have to tell you all three places were full of food as were both freezers. I was not going to stop what I was doing and cook something for him. I am in the middle of organizing our home. I was not going to break my rhythm. He finally went back to the pantry, took out a can of tuna and made tuna salad. But he was pouting as he cut up the apple that he put in it. :-)

Thinking more about it last night, I decided to do something about it so that it never happens again. Not having the time to do what I really wanted to do which was make a whole bunch of homemade things, I made a list and went shopping today.

At the bank yesterday, I had just cashed a $ 187. check that we got back as a property tax rebate. I took all of that money with me and I spent every last penny. 

I purchased healthy snacks and some not so healthy snacks. I purchased some organizing things and some plastic containers. I purchased the first cold cuts that I have purchased in a long time. I got turkey, Virginia baked ham and salami. And while I was at it, I got some wrap for the baby shower that I am going to, some adult birthday wrap and three different rolls of ribbon. I also bought six items for the baby gift basket. While I was at it I purchased an office letter tray to put next to my computer to corral what I am working on there. I also picked up 4 rolls of select grip easy liners.  

When I came home, I put everything away except the cold cuts and snacks. I corralled them into some containers I had and a few of the new ones. 

I put the cold cuts in the container pictured above along with our Swiss cheese, provolone, and American cheese slices. I also added some pepperoni slices that were left in my meat drawer and a bottle  of Dijon mustard. Then I put it in the deli and meat drawer. When Hubby needs a sandwich all he has to do is take the bin out, grab some mayo, and put it all on the table. Next to that bin are all kinds of 8 oz. cheese bars, some pub cheese, and a port wine cheese ball.

Next I organized three snack bins for the refrigerator that he can just pull out and take out what he wants. Then I made up bags of carrot sticks and celery sticks and put them next to the ranch dip for vegetables. I added a container of hummus, some Breakstone cottage cheese doubles, and some Wholly guacamole. Theh I added another container of mixed fruit cups, some SF parfaits, and some applesauce. The last container has light and regular Babybels, some cubed cheeses that I cut up, and some peanut butter and Polaner 100% strawberry fruit. There are crackers in the pantry and we always have an assortment of bread. We also always have tortilla chips. Did you notice that I labeled everything? I wanted to make sure that he can find whatever he is looking for.

Lastly, it was time to corral the pantry snack items. One basket holds the bagged chips, etc. The other basket holds salsa, cheese dips, craisins, raisins, snack crackers, and granola bars.

With all of this organized, I hope Hubby can manage to feed himself so that I can continue to get things organized in the house. 

When I get going on a project, I hate to be interrupted. I hated having to spend the money on ready made snacks but it was money well spent. I don't have the time and energy to make my homemade right snacks now. It will get done and  eventually all of the ready made will get replaced with homemade.


  1. I had to laugh at this! My husband does the same thing! I don't have the money to spend what you must have, but i certainly would if i had it! Well done! And, i hope you get all of your projects out of the way. Love the labels, too. I never would have thought of that!

    1. Hi Momsav,

      You have to love Hubby's though even if they do frustrate you sometimes. I hated to spend this money. It goes against my grain. But it was that or stop what I was doing for the rest of the week to make snacks. I will be replacing them as we go along with homemade.

  2. Money well spent, I say.
    That line about Happy wife, happy life also should be happy husband, happy home.
    About retired husbands, my groceries and meals have changed a little now that I am not packing him a lunch box everyday and he is eating at hime all day. I haven't settled into a routine yet but that will come later.
    About premade snacks, I started keeping a basket of them a couple years ago. My grands don't like to leave here but if they can take a few snacks with them that they get to pick out at leaving time, it makes them happier and cuts way back on tears.

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      Thanks! You have that line right. I agree that it takes while to get into a routine. The roughest part for me is winter right about now. Hubby is an outdoors person. He hates being cooped up. Right about now he gets bored. There is hardly any football and TV is horrid. He needs a hobby that he can physically do. He has a very bad back. But I can't pick it for him. I probably should pick him up a NY Times crossword puzzle book next time I go out.

      I love your basket idea. We always have candy around here for the little ones and goldfish. But I am going to stop giving them candy and he can choose from the healthy stuff especially when I make it. Of course he will get some candy for Valentines day.

  3. I think the snack baskets are a great idea, for kids too. I might have to implement that. It might be easier to see what I have on hand in the pantry.

    Cold cuts are an item I haven't been able to cut out of my grocery budget yet. I don't like to cook lunch (I already cook breakfast and dinner), so it makes it easy to prepare lunches.

    1. Well, Hubby had no problem finding them today. :-)

      The cold cuts are easy.