Monday, January 4, 2016

Such A Fun Sunday

Hubby and I slept in today until 9AM which is something we rarely do. After eating an egg and  homemade yogurt for breakfast, Hubby settled into his leather chair to read the Sunday paper. I decided to do a load of wash and hang it to dry before we went out for most of the day. Then I looked in my gift closet for a suitable hostess gift for our friends. I decided to give them one of these.  We own one and it is the handiest shear for opening those battery packs plus many other uses.  We also brought one of the banana breads that is pictured which I had put in the freezer for just such an occasion and some whipped cream cheese to go with it.

It is so cold and windy here that we had to finally drag out the winter coats, scarves and gloves so that we could walk to our friend's home which is in our neighborhood. We were invited for a late brunch and to watch our last hometown pro football game on TV today with them.

Best friends, great food and beverages, and an exciting game that we won made for a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon. They make some of the best hot wings we have ever had. We came home so full that we decided we would not make dinner. 

Hubby decided to watch the other football games. So I sat down and wrote some bills. Then I quickly perused the grocery ads. I have a very small list of things that are at rock bottom price this week. Aldi's has bananas at $ .29 a lb. this week. That is an unheard of price in my hometown. So I will be buying our usual 14 to eat this week plus extras to make banana pancakes and more banana bread. We also need eggs so I will check both my grocery store and Aldi's for the best price. 

By 7PM, Hubby said he was a little hungry. I asked him if he wanted a sandwich. He said no that he was thinking more of a snack. So I quickly made him some dip and gave him some chips. I always keep FF sour cream in the fridge to make dips with. So I made a quick dip using some sour cream and Catalina dressing. You just mix the dressing into the sour cream to your own taste. Sorry the picture is so bad. I think I need a new camera. I have fond memories of my Mom making this for me and my sister when we were little. But I think she used to make it with the dressing, cream cheese and some milk. We like it just with the sour cream.

Since I didn't get my daily cleaning done in the morning, I finished the evening with it. 

So we had a nice day of entertainment and got a few things done. We didn't drive anywhere so no gasoline used. 

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