Saturday, January 9, 2016

Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do Or Do Without

I am sure that you have heard this saying many times. But how many of us heed it like our ancestors did? If you haven't, this is the year to do it so that you can reach your financial goals. 

Rhonda reminded me yesterday, by leaving this comment,

 " Samples remind me of a time when I moisturized my face for a year or with samples. We were on VERY limited income then with 4 children at home. I was shopping at a grocery store and they had a large shopping cart in the lobby completely full of tiny sample packets of moisturizer. It had a sign "free-take some". So I filled up my purse with free samples and didn't even make a dent in that pile in the cart. Each packet had enough for 2 uses and I was thankful every time I put them on."

that I was going to do a post in the next few weeks on using up what you have. So today is the day.

I am sure we all have free samples like the ones I received the other day at Rite Aid and like Rhonda's hanging around our homes. This is the year that I am collecting as many as I can to add to the stockpile that I now have. I will be trying my best to use them all up this year. I am hoping to not have to buy any personal care products this year which includes lotion, facial products, floss, toothpaste, toothbrushes to travel with, make-up, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, nor any other product that I can obtain for free or have a sample of.  Free samples are everywhere. Go to the free sites online and sign up for some every day. Follow sites like Hip2Save or Totally Free Stuff. Look for free samples in drugstores and warehouse clubs. Even your local grocery store has  free samples occasionally. Use regular or doubled coupons to get travel sizes ( if there is no restriction on the coupon) or regular size products for free when you see deals using coupons and rewards programs. 

Besides samples we have challenged ourselves to eat a lot of our stockpile over the next few months in order to save money, prevent spoilage, and to prepare for bulk meat sales from Zaycon Fresh come spring and summer. 

Many of us I am sure have greeting cards, wrapping paper, card stock to make cards, photo paper for our printers, and other craft supplies. Make a promise to use them up before buying more. Make gifts for grandparents or parents printing photos of your children. Grandparents can make photos for their children of their grandchildren using a special moment they have captured. Use up those extra craft supplies. I know that I have many throw type blanket kits hanging around. They will get made for gifts.

In your closets do you have gifts that have hung around for a few years but still are in perfect condition? Vow to use them this year. Look for the perfect person to give them to. 

I told you that we are not buying any clothing for ourselves this year. We both have so much that we can just wear it until it wears out. My closet could clothe 4 people. I really don't need that much clothing so I really don't need to buy more. Hubby's closet is the same way. We went to a Christmas party in December. I did not have a fancy holiday outfit to wear. So I wore black slacks and a pretty red top, and nice jewelry. I was comfortable, presentable, and no one seemed to care. Even if they did, I don't care what "the Joneses" think.  Also if there is something in your closet that you don't like sell it, gift it, or donate it. Then don't spend money again on clothing that you really don't need.

If you decide you need an item, see if you can substitute something else for it just like I did for the Christmas party outfit. Another example, if you want to have tacos for dinner and have no ground beef but do have ground turkey, use that instead. Or can you use a paper bag to drain your bacon on if you are out of paper towels? Just think every time you think you need to buy something about what you could substitute. Hubby made a shield out of toilet paper rolls to shield the sensors on the garage door when the light kept hitting them and prevented our door from going down. If we bought the shields, they would have been over $ 20.

As far as doing without, think twice before you buy something that you won't use daily or even weekly. What I do most of the time is make a list of my wants as I think of them. I keep the item on the list for a few days. If I still feel it is a necessity after that then I will think about finding the cheapest way to buy it. The majority of the time, it gets crossed off the list because I really don't need it or I have thought of  a substitution that I can use. 

If I am making a recipe and I don't have an ingredient, I think nothing of just not adding it or making a substitution.  Soups can easily be made with less ingredients than called for. I make soups with whatever I have on hand.

So each and every day, figure out a way to not spend money. Every time you do this adds to your net worth. If you want to be financially independent, this is the path. Change your thinking to how can I not spend money instead of spending money. You will see your nest egg grow and grow.

If you have a any tips on use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without, please share in comments.

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