Monday, January 25, 2016

Using Up What We Have and Other Things

I was driving in the worst rush hour traffic that I have ever seen very early this morning to get to an appointment. After the appointment I stopped at Top's to pick up eggs that are on sale this week for  $1.00 a dozen. I haven't seen that price in a while so I grabbed 3 to add to my 2 dozen I had in the fridge. I also picked up some boneless chicken breasts at  $1.88 a lb., some creamers and juice. That is all I will be buying this week.

Then I went to the bank to cash a check. I also ordered 100 checks which are free to me once a year because of a special account we have with them. Since hubby and I use our rewards credit card for almost every purchase, the free checks will last us about a year and a half. 

When I got home, I made us cheese omelets and rye toast for breakfast. Then I decided that today would be an odds and ends day.

I have been working on a baby shower gift basket for a neighbor. I decided to add the Burts Bee's gift set  that I showed you I purchased the day after Christmas for Mommy and a set of those special scissors I showed you for Daddy that I bought for  service people at Christmas time. I had just one left. They open kids toys and battery packs easily. They are already bought and paid for and will help fill up Baby Boy's basket. I will take a picture of the basket when it is finished which should be soon.

I have also been putting together a basket of items for guests to use when they stay with us. I am going to add the pictured towel set. I got these for free when the supermarket was giving them away for purchases. Everyone likes using nice new white towels. I will also show you that basket when I am finished with it. Right now it is a slow work in process.

Then I decided to clean the third bedroom closet. This bedroom is used only when my grandchildren come to stay. The closet was a mess even though I cleaned it a while ago. Hubby had tossed a whole bunch of photo albums on the floor. I had thrown Christmas wrapping paper after I used in on the floor.  My gift box was a mess.

So I emptied it. Yup, everything came out. All of the items that belonged other places were put in a very large laundry basket and taken to the rooms they belonged in. The photo albums are neatly tucked away on the closet shelf to keep them safe. Other items were discarded.  Then I thought about how I wanted to use the space below the clothing rod. I decided it will be my gift and gift wrapping closet. I also store the extra leaves to our dining room table in it and a heater to use in the winter when the grandchildren come. They are stored on the right hand side out of the way. The only other space I have is the basement where those items would get ruined from moisture.

Here is the empty closet with my gift wrap containers. I took inventory and realized that I have hardly any wrapping paper except Christmas paper. So I will fill in some of those spaces the next time I go to the Dollar Tree. I need ribbon too. Most gifts I use the decorated brown paper for. You can just see the bottom of that box to the left of the Christmas wrap.  As soon as I get the gift container organized, it will be placed in there also.  

When I emptied the closet, I found two rolls of wallpaper that I have had forever. I had purchased them years ago to do a project that never got done. They are beige with delicate pink flowers with leaves. I hated to throw them out. So I have decided to line the drawers in my nightstand and dresser with the paper.

So in this year of using what I already own, these are just some examples. I will be using many more examples during 2016.

Dinner will be leftovers from last night. The rest of today and  tonight, I will be working on other odds and ends. I seem to have a lot of energy today. 

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