Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wednesday's Doings

Yesterday my day started out with a very early Doctor's appointment. Since it is a long drive to get there, I like to do any errands in that area while I am there. But you know what they say about the best laid plans. My appointment got done at 8:20AM and nothing was open. My first thought was to go to a fast food place and either get coffee or breakfast. I quickly skipped that idea because I didn't want to spend the money.

So I went to a supermarket to pick up pepperoni that I had forgotten the day before at the store. I had not been in this supermarket in about 10 months. They now carry bulk items that they never did before. I immediately spotted their bulk cheese. I bought a 2 lb. block of swiss cheese. It was 50% cheaper than I had ever paid. I can easily slice it on my deli slicer for recipes or sandwiches. So I ended up getting those items along with 4  bakery fresh bagels and a 4 lb. pkg. of thin spaghetti. I still spent money while I waited for other places to open but they were items we use.

Then I stopped at Kohls to pay my credit card bill. I always pay this right away at the register after I make purchases. But for some reason I forgot the last time I shopped there. So I wanted to pay it before a bill was generated.

Then I had to backtrack to the bank to cash a stack of rebate checks to put in my gift fund.

When I got home Hubby and I each enjoyed a bagel for a breakfast/lunch.

But then I had to go back out in the car to run two more errands. I had to go to the drugstore to pick up prescriptions that weren't ready the day before. Since it was Senior Discount Day at Rite Aid, there was a table set up with free samples and coupons. They expect you to take one of each of whatever you can use. Pictured is what I got and I didn't take all of what was offered. I am trying to cut my OTC drug costs any way I can. So if you are offered samples that you can use and that will help you cut your expenses don't be shy. It's cold and dry here so that dry nose gel was desperately needed.

Lastly I had to go to Aldi's again.  When I looked at my receipt from Tuesday I noticed  that the cashier had overcharged me on the bananas. The cashier had charged me for 5 bunches of bananas when I only purchased 3. I had caught one while I was there but not the second one plus she had credited me for the wrong bunch. I had never seen a manager in my store. So I didn't know if I should go back to a cashier or what. So I e-mailed Aldi's and they replied that there is a manager in that store and when I went back again that she would rectify the overcharge. So I found the manager who was very nice and refunded to me not the $ .90 that I was owed but a $1.00. She told me that I had had a brand new cashier who is just learning and apologized. I was extremely impressed with the customer service. 

A couple of hours after I finally got home for the day, I got a call from the district manager at Aldi's wanting to know if the problem was rectified. I told him that it was. He chatted with me briefly about the store, told me his name and that if I am ever in the store and see him to come up and say hello. I was even more impressed over the customer service from this company just because I e-mailed them a simple question. It was very obvious to me that they want their customers completely satisfied. 

By the time I did all of the running around, I was exhausted and so I took it easy for the rest of the day. I have no appointments for the rest of the month so I plan on being home most of the time.

I did make a delicious recipe for dinner last night which is here and pictured above.

My UPS delivery today brought the above cart that you see pictured. As we age, hubby and I are willing to spend money to help us do what we have to do without help. Hubby saw the above cart that has stair climbing technology wheels on HSN. We have a steep stairway going into our basement. Whenever we had something really heavy to take down there, we would have to wait until my son would come to visit and he would willingly do that for us. He is a terrific son and does many things around here for us and we felt this cart would help us get those things down to the basement by ourselves and not bother him with it. I also bring food up from the basement for a week to 10 days of meals. Trying to juggle it while walking up the stairs and not falling was not easy. Most of the time I would have to make more than one trip. This has solved that problem and will also help when I have groceries to add to our stockpile, especially case lots. We did a trial run yesterday and it works nicely with very little effort both going up and down the stairs. The wheels work just as they advertised and it folds up when we are not using it. 

I hope all of you have a great day. Talk with you again tomorrow.          


  1. I love the idea of that recipe! I assume i could substitute more vegetables or a meat alternative for the pepperoni! I think i need to try it!
    I love Aldi's, too. Sadly, there isn't one near us. The closest one is over two hours away. And, yes, one day i decided i was just going to make the trip, by golly!. It was packed! Not worth the trip, but if i'm close to one, i'm certainly stopping!

    1. I am sure many thing could be substituted and it would be delicious. Enjoy!

  2. I like the new Centrum Vitamints you got a sample for. They don't upset my stomach like most vitamins do, CVS has them B1G1 50% off this week and there were $4 coupons in Sunday's paper.

    Samples remind me of a time when I moisturizerd my face for a year or with samples. We were VERY limited income then with 4 children at home. I was shopping at a grocery store and they had a large shopping cart in the lobby completely full of tiny sample packets of moisturizer. It had a sign "free-take some" So I filled up my purse with free samples and didn't even make a dent in that pile in the cart. Each packet had enough for 2 uses and I was thankful every time I put them on.

    1. Thanks for the tip on the Vitamints,Rhonda.

      I love that you did that with the sample moisturizers. They can save a lot of money. I am hoping to not buy any personal care products this year, just use up what I have and snag all of the free samples that I can.