Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Few Frugal Things We Have Done This Week

We  have done a few frugal things over this past week:

- Went out to dinner last night to our favorite local family owned Italian Restaurant for Smothered Veal.  It was all paid for with bonus gift certificates and a regular gift certificate that we bought in 2015. The dinner portions were huge. I brought 2/3 of our meals home. They will be a lunch and  dinner for both of us.

- Received 5 - $1.00 Butterball coupons from a rebate in the mail yesterday. They are good on any fresh or frozen product and don't expire until the end of June. So I have plenty of time to wait for a great sale on ground turkey which I substitute for ground beef in many recipes.

- Received  $ 3.00 rebate in the mail.

- Got notification from the IRS that our refund has been sent.

-  Washed 2 loads of laundry in cold water in the HE's and hung them to dry.

- Hubby has been researching gutter guards for one corner of our house. We only have trees big enough to affect that area. He looked at a new product which is basically brushes that you put in the gutter and they supposedly keep leaves from going in the gutters. However we determined that dirt would get in anyhow. So if you have to get up there to take the brushes out and clean out the dirt, you might as well clean them the old fashioned way by hand. Also the new product was going to cost about $60. for 15 feet. We have a lot more area to cover than that. Either I will go up on the ladder and do it or ask my son to. My husband's back is too bad for him to do it. It won't take either my son nor I but a few minutes to take care of it. Sometimes the old fashioned way is better and cheaper than the new fangled way.

- Yesterday the temperature was almost 60 outside.  So I got out the hoses and washed the car. I needed to get the salt off of it.

- Hubby made a homemade crockpot of chili. It lasted us 3 meals plus a lunch.

- One night we had large shrimp cocktails for dinner along with a tossed salad using lettuce, carrots, celery and onions. After I had thawed the shrimp I realized that I didn't have any cocktail sauce. Since I am not shopping this month, I made homemade. It was so easy. I will never buy cocktail sauce again. Here is the recipe:

1/2 cup of ketchup
2 Tbsp. of horseradish
splash of lemon juice
splash of worcestershire sauce
dash of Frank's hot sauce.

Mix well and chill.

- I filled the free water bottles from LL Bean with the clearanced candy from Christmas using only the red candies for our grandchildren for Valentine's Day.

- I shipped my granddaughter's gift via UPS yesterday. I was sure to show my AAA card to get a 5% discount.

- I picked up a $50. co-pay prescription for Hubby yesterday. I used the $20. in Plenti points that I earned from my diaper purchase to bring the cost down to $30. I love that we can now use those points on prescriptions. 

- It was Senior citizen Wednesday while I was at the drugstore. So I got free samples of Opti Free, a lubricant for dry eyes, some more multivitamins, and some Advil PM.

- We have been faithfully keeping the energy saving shades drawn on all windows except the south facing ones when the sun is out. Otherwise they are all down.

-  We keep the lights off during the daytime. Then we only turn them on in the room we are in.

- We got our annual bill for lawn fertilization and other lawn care that they do for us. If we pay it in advance by the end of the month, we get a 5% discount. One the charges on the bill is to treat for  crane flies. We haven't seen any anywhere in the neighborhood for the past couple of years. So we are considering cancelling that service this year. That will save us almost $80.

- We haven't been watching a lot of TV. The political commercials are getting very annoying along with the loud ads selling everything under the sun. The less we see of any of them, the happier we are. Hence, we are saving on our electric bill. I spend most of my free time reading.

- While I was out yesterday, I took Hubby's Coke bottles to Fast Cash and got $ 3.10 back.

- I did all of the errands yesterday - drugstore, doctor, UPS, and bottle returns on the same trip saving on gasoline. We won't be going out again until the weekend. But only if we take our grandson somewhere.

If you did anything that you would like to share to save money this past week, feel free to leave a comment.


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