Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Another Lower Electric and Natural Gas Bill

We try really hard to reduce our monthly bills. A lot of them are fixed so that you can't do much to change them. However the electric and gas bill you can reduce with a little effort.

I just got my bill for the past month and  compared it to the February bill last year. Today's bill was $49.72 less than last year. That is a huge reduction some of which I am sure is the warmer weather this year.

But we try really hard to reduce it every month since rates keep going up. Some of the things we do in the winter are really easy.

We turn the heat down at night and use an electric blanket to heat our bed when we first get in it. Then we turn that blanket off.

We keep the shades drawn on all windows but the south facing. Those we open when the sun is out.

We put insulated snakes made out of cloth at the bottom of both of our doors going into the basement.

When we cook in our oven or toaster oven, we open the door after we turn it off to let the heat out into the room. 

The majority of the time we enter and leave the house through our garage door which protects the house from the cold just pouring in.

We change the furnace filter monthly. We make sure that the humidifier is running. That helps the air to feel warmer.

Before the cold winter hit, we caulked all of the windows and made sure the seals on the doors were still tight. 

We try to have casseroles and soups that we can cook in our crock pot instead of using the stove. Roasts and turkeys are cooked this time of the year to heat the house. We often cook meats and rice dishes in our pressure cooker. We use the electric fry pan for pancakes and some dinner dishes. We compare to see which appliance uses less energy.

We keep throws in the  great room so they are handy if we get a chill. It beats kicking the thermostat up.

We eat more comfort foods because they seem to warm us up. 

We run the dishwasher during the day so the residual heat will help heat the house. At night time, we have the heat turned way down so it would be useless to run it then.

We never heat our basement even though there is heat run down there. All of those registers are closed.

I never let the utility company estimate our bills. They only read every other month so I read it on each off month and submit the readings.

We do most of our baking in the winter and freeze  quick breads, muffins and cookies for the spring and summer. The only thing we bake in the warm months is bread in the bread maker. I can do that on my patio table.

We shower less in the winter because our skin dries out if we shower frequently.

If you just think about the things you do I am sure you can think of many more. Why pay top dollar for some thing that you can't see or touch? Reduce those kwh's and therms and keep the money in your wallet.

I am still somewhat under the weather today and not sleeping well as you can tell by the time I am writing this. However, I have my monthly hair appointment for a cut so I am going to run a few errands while I am out doing that. I need to pick up a prescription and take some bottles back to Fast Cash. Then I am going to bring a club sandwich home from Applebee's for Hubby and I to split. I have one more Bonus Gift Card that I got free with my gift card purchase and it needs to be used up by the last day of February. We will see if the bonus card covers the cost or if I will have to use another gift card to pay the rest. The last bonus card we used was for $10.00.

By the time I do all this after being up most of the night, I'll need a nap. After that I want to do all the prep work for the dishes that I will cook to go with the 16 lb. turkey that I am going to roast tomorrow. That leaves just one more turkey to roast before the warm weather hits.

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