Monday, February 29, 2016

February 2016 Expense Report

This is a review of every penny we have spent in February. 
If there is a category that you don't see, it is explained Here .

Groceries                  $ 00.00              Food Only

Electric & Natural Gas    185.32             Heating Season

Cable TV, Int,Telephone  141.41             Rate Increase

Netflix                              7.99

UPS Shipping                   12.48            Gift

Medical                         450.87             Drs,Drugs and Ins.

Donation                       150.00             Fire Dept.

Gasoline                         12.90

Restaurant & Take Out     35.94

BJ's Membership              25.00             1 Year Membership

Household Goods            252.09             Non Food

Gifts                                  9.66 

Household Maintenance   378.17

Total Expenses             $ 1661.83

I am very happy to report that we spent absolutely nothing on food to cook at home this month. Not a penny! We ate from our food stockpile and went without anything we didn't have. We still have a large stockpile in the pantries and freezers so I am hoping to spend as little money as possible in March.

The electric and gas bill was unavoidable since it is winter. We have a larger one due next month but then I hope they will be on the downswing. We had a small increase in the cable bill.

The shipping charge was to ship my granddaughter's Valentines gift.

Our medical is way down this month because of fewer doctor appointments and no dentist appointment.

We  pay a hefty charge on our property tax bills to keep our volunteer fire department going. However, they had to replace a fire truck. They had already raised $400,000. but sent out a letter to  everyone in town asking for help to raise the other $150,000. So the $150. donation was sent to help with that. They are a great group of people who dedicate their free time to us. It was the least we could do.  

We did very little driving this month. Between that, prices being down and some gas points, we spent very little. 

We went out for a very nice dinner around Valentine's Day. We used $45.00 in gift cards but still paid $23.00 in cash for the bill including a nice tip. The rest of the money was for some take out.

We purchased a Groupon to buy the BJ's Membership. Our Sam's Club membership is expiring. BJ's was a better deal and is closer to my home. We will be taking the Groupon to BJ's to get our membership before it expires.  

Household goods was high this month because our vacuum cleaner died and we needed to replace it. We also spent  $30. on salt for our water softener.

Gifts were low this month because I used up some reward points.

Household maintenance was $ 29.85 for our Guardian alarm monitoring and $ 348.32 paid in advance for fertilizing and other treatments for our lawn care this spring, summer and fall.  We save 5% by paying in advance.

One category that is missing this month is haircuts. Neither one of us got a haircut this month. Hubby didn't get one and needs one desperately. I am growing my layers out so Hubby or a friend will just trim it for me. I will be coloring my own hair every other month with on sale hair color. My hairdresser just kept raising her prices every month so I decided she was a luxury I didn't need.

We are very happy with the low expense totals this month. We are going to try to keep them as low as possible in March also. It won't be easy because our yearly homeowners insurance is due. But we will do our very best!

We were able to invest $ 5,500. this month which makes our investment total for 2016 - $ 10,500. We are on a roll towards that $50,000. goal. It will not be easy to get there but if we stay commited to spending as little as possible, I am starting to believe that we can reach it. 

Have you added up your expenses for the month to see where you stand? If not, why not? You can't get to your goals, if you don't  have a clue as to how much you are spending. Then you have to commit to cutting costs to reach them. It's not easy but in the long run, it is the  best thing you can do to pay off your debt and increase your net worth.

I want all of you to be debt free and happily retired with money not being a worry.


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