Friday, February 5, 2016

Fun Things To Do On The Cheap

Entertainment does not have to be expensive. You don't have to go out to dinner and drop $ 50. or more for your family to have a good time. You don't have to go to the movie theater and drop $ 50.- $75.
for tickets and refreshments. You don't have to drop $100. or more on concert tickets. There are so many other ways to have a good time that won't hurt your net worth.

Here are just a few:

- Play board games with your family. Invite your friends over for a monopoly game night. Whoever is ahead at the end of the evening wins a prize. Prizes can come from your clearanced items in your gift closet or a gift card that you have either won or earned. 

- Have a friendly game of chess, checkers or dominoes.

- Start a monthly poker, hearts or canasta night. You can have it the first time and alternate houses and who provides the snacks. BYOB.

- Play a game of Uno, SkipBo or any other card game with your children or grandchildren.

- Hubby and I love to work on jigsaw puzzles. We usually have a large puzzle we work on at our game table in the great room.

- One way we enjoyed having fun when we were younger was to have a dinner with a group of friends in our neighborhood. Did we go to a restaurant? Nope. We had dinner at each other's homes.We could walk to each of them. We would bring our own bottle and go  to the first house for appetizers. Then we would go to the next home for the salad. Next we would go to another's for the main course. Lastly we would go to another's for dessert and coffee. One of the the couples whose home we were not using would provide the wine for the main course. We would do this every 3 months or so and everyone would take a turn. It was a whole lot of fun and not too expensive all at once for everyone. You also get to know your neighbors really well  and everyone looks out for everyone else.

- For many New Year's Eves, a group of us would go to the local sit down Chinese restaurant for dinner. We would each order a different dish and pass them so everyone could try what they wanted. We would drink tea or water with dinner. After dinner we would go to someone's home for drinks and nibbles to ring in the New Year.  We would have each provided beer or a bottle of wine or liquor and some nibbles. We all took our turns hosting the party after dinner. 

- With friends we would also do potluck dinners.

- Many museums and Zoo's have a free admission day. Be sure to keep an eye on their calendars online so that you can go those days.

- Have a movie  night watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Make some homemade popcorn.

- Invite another couple to dinner. Make something tasty and inexpensive.

- Take walk or a bicycle ride.

- Go hiking.

- During winter, get out to a free park to cross country ski or snowshoe.

- We also used to have scavenger hunts for the adults. But kids would love them too. It's much easier to do them in your neighborhood so that you can just walk. Whatever couple comes back with everything on their list wins a gift card. We would all chip in $5.00 to do the hunt and this money would be used for the gift card. This was my very favorite thing to do.

- Go the local park and fly a kite with your kids.

- Before Christmas have a cookie swap party.

- Many towns and cities have free concerts in the summer. 

- Pack a picnic lunch and go to the beach or your favorite park.

- Have a campfire in the backyard and make smores.

-  Host a BBQ where everyone brings their own meat to grill and a side dish to share.

- Pretend you are a tourist and see your own city.

- Take an outing to your local farmers market.

- Find your local U-Pick and pick strawberries, bluberries, etc.

- Spend a few hours in the library catching up on the current issues of magazines or newspapers. Check out some books to read.

- Go to your local public beach and enjoy the sun, sand and the water.

- Go bowling. We have $ 1.50 a game on two different days during the week.

-Spend a morning going to garage sales.

So many forms of entertainment are free or cheap that you can take advantage of. Search them out. Your budget will thank you. 

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