Friday, February 12, 2016

Sometimes It Is What You Don't Do That Saves You Money

Everyone is always talking about what they do to save money. But I save money by not doing things.

We don't go to movie theaters to see the newest release. We wait for it to come out on Netflix or Amazon Prime. 

We don't eat out once or twice a week. Our eating out is infrequent. When we do we use gift cards that we have been given for gifts or that we have purchased in lieu of Christmas gifts. 

We don't go to the malls to shop. Actually I can't remember the last time I was in a mall. We do go to Walmart and some other self standing stores. We only go to pick up a necessity and we do not browse while we are in the store. We don't impulse shop.

We don't buy tickets to concerts. We go to free concerts in the summertime locally.

We don't stop at Starbucks or any other place for  coffee. We bring our own in the car.

We don't buy bottled water. We drink it from our tap or refrigerator which has filters on both.

We never go without eating breakfast. It gives us energy for our day and curbs our snacking.

We never throw out food. We paid for it so  we are not wasting it. 

We rarely use our big oven or the stove top. We use the toaster oven, microwave and small appiances to cook just about everything. It saves us money on the electric and natural gas bill.

We rarely use our dryer. I hang our wash to dry.

We rarely eat out on road  trips. We pack our own food and drinks.

We don't buy razors. We use our electric ones. 

We never buy snacks from vending machines. We take snacks with us in the car.

We don't go out for an evening to the bars for drinks & appetizers.

We don't have pizza delivered. We make homemade or if I am tired we eat frozen.

We don't buy a new car every couple of years. We take good care of our cars and they last for 10-15 years.

We don't buy music. We get it through Amazon Prime or stream it from Pandora.

We don't hire repairman for simple things that we can fix ourselves. The internet is so valuable to  locate a video on almost any repair that you need to do.

We don't buy books. We get them via Amazon Prime or go to the library. We never return our books late to avoid the fees.

We don't buy magazines. Once in a while I will order a free one. Our son gives his father the Handyman magazine every year. He really enjoys it.

We only print coupons for things on our list and we print carefully as to not waste paper using draft mode so we don't waste ink. Anything else we need to keep gets saved on the computer and backed up.

We don't use any light bulbs except LED's. They save us a lot of money.

We don't buy shoes every year or even every other year. We take good care of them by cleaning and polishing them. We have them resoled when needed.

We don't buy one pair of socks at a time. When we find a deal we buy dozens of the same sock, same color. That way when one gets a hole there is another to match it to. It eliminates having to sort socks also.

We don't buy gym memberships. We exercise at home or take a walk.

We rarely subscribe to anything that we can't cancel almost immediately.

We don't buy low deductible insurances. We save on our yearly premiums by taking a $1000. - $1500. deductible. 

We rarely use paper products with the exception of toilet paper  and computer paper for coupons.

We never go to a grocery or drug store without a list.
We stick to that list.

We are always aware of our bills and money sources so we never pay interest or fees. We never pay ATM fees.

We never buy checks. They are free with our account. 

We never have photos printed at a store. We take  and print out own photos when we feel a necessity.

We don't smoke. I quit 35 years ago and it has saved us a fortune.

We don't make just one dinner every night. We batch cook and either eat the same  thing 3-4 nights in a row or make two casseroles and freeze one. Our batch cooking also applies to baking.

We don't leave lights on. Just one light after dark in the room we are in.

We never buy the cheapest appliances. We buy quality so they will last for years. 

We rarely buy OTC brand name medicines. Generics are so much cheaper.

That is all I can think of at the moment. I am off to do a little more work around here and get ready for my date with Hubby.  We are staying home because we are having a blizzard here. But we are going to have a cheese pizza and a beer for dinner. Then it's going to be Friday night at the movies via Netflix.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your husbands and kids. We will enjoy ours.

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