Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Temptation Is Always Knocking At Your Door

Yesterday while I was out picking up a prescription and some OTC medicines, I  realized just how many times a day we are tempted.

As I was walking to the back of Rite Aid to go to the pharmacy, I see all those beautiful red hearts piled high on a table along with all of the other discounted Valentine's candy and trinkets. I momentarily hesitated and then continued back to get the prescription. My last stop was Super Walmart for an OTC med and I encountered the same thing. But SW had much less leading me to believe that they must have discounted on V. Day.

I am easily tempted by these sales after holidays and as you know I stocked after Halloween and Christmas. I have plenty in my freezer for my baking for the year. I used the red candies for Valentines gifts for my grandchildren. There was no need to buy any more until next Christmas. So I just walked on by.

But it made me realize how easily  the manufacturers of these items can lure us in. Just discount it 50% or less and reel us in.

It not only happens with candy but clothing and all of the other items that have their discounted season.

If you need them, those are the seasons to buy. But if you don't, just walk on by. Don't be lured into spending money on unnecessary items. Keep your money and raise your net worth. That in the long run will give you the greatest pleasure. A momentary purchase of candy or anything else won't. 

So every time you are tempted to make a purchase that is heavily discounted, ask yourself, do I really need this. Or it something that a couple of months down the road will just lead to more clutter or end up at a garage sale.

Save your money for the important things in life. Don't spend it on the little unnecessary purchases that will derail your plans. Too many of those purchases can add up to a lot of money spent on a lot of junk. Money that could be saved for more important goals.

On my path this month to spending no money on groceries, I have realized just how much we have in this house. I am much more aware of how we spend our money and how we are wasting it. I am going to continue buying no food for the rest of this month. And I will be buying very little next month. I will just fill in the gaps on things like milk and fresh veggies.
But we will continue to eat down our freezers of meat and frozen veggies, fruits, and jams. 

While I haven't been shopping, I have had a lot of time to organize my home including my basement where I have a pantry and where I stockpile other supplies like computer paper. While organizing, I realize how much we have. Because of this, we will think very carefully about any purchase we make. Our mantra will be to use up what we have before buying more.

So think very carefully about every dollar you spend. Ask yourself, do we really need it or do we already have plenty. Can we substitute something else? These are questions that will help your bottom line.

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