Friday, February 19, 2016

Ten More Days To Go

I have ten more days to go on my no spend grocery store challenge. Can I do it?

Being totally honest with you, I wasn't sure at the outset that I could do it. But 19 days down and counting, I now know that I can. I love going to the grocery store to get a bargain. But I have realized a few things during this challenge.  First that it is a huge savings to stockpile but not if you don't eat it. Secondly, it is fun to see what kind of meals I can make with what we have. Third, that I don't need to shop as often as I was. There will always be another sale. And finally, it is a huge time saver. I have been getting so much done this month without having to make a grocery list, check for coupons, shop and then put it all away.

The bonus is that we are eating out of our freezer and pantry. The pantry items are being used before their expiration which is a good thing. The freezer needs to be emptied so that we have room for all of the great meat sales this summer and to put up all of the yummy fruits and vegetables during their peak season.

Our freezer also needs to be defrosted. It has too much ice in it which is not a good thing for keeping the electric bill low. 

So I will persist for the rest of the month. I thought that milk and some other items would be a problem. But when we ran out of milk, I just used evaporated and my dry milk. When we ran out of certain veggies, we just switched to other frozen veggies. Luckily we had purchased a bag of romaine lettuce with 3 heads the end of January. It has stayed nice and fresh and we have been making our salads with sliced eggs, carrots, onions and sometimes fruit. When the eggs were on sale for $1.00 in January, I bought 3 dozen and they have lasted us along with the dozen and half that we already had.

Since I have baking supplies, we have been able to make bread and rolls. We also have done brownies and crisps since we have cocoa and lots of canned  and frozen fruit. I will be making pumpkin bread for this weekend when my son and grandson come to visit.

I thought Hubby would be wanting a snack that we didn't have but he has been a trooper about eating what we do have. I think he is enjoying the hundreds of dollars that we are saving. He had a yearning for ice cream so I made strawberry ice cream the other night in my Vitamix blender. We both loved it.

If any of you are doing the challenge right along with me, I am sure that you are realizing the advantages. I hope you are saving  that grocery money.

Next month, I will be stocking on a couple of corned beefs and some legs of lamb. With St. Patrick's Day  and Easter coming up, they should be at their rock bottom prices. I can foresee shopping for some eggs and milk but not much else.

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