Thursday, February 18, 2016

What Should We Buy At The Grocery Store?

What should we buy at the grocery store? Have you thought about the answer to that question? I have and my answer is as little as possible.

Do you think that is my answer because I am not grocery shopping this month? Well, if so, you would be wrong.

The reason it is as little as possible is because lots of items that are in the grocery store are cheaper in other stores.

Don't buy health and beauty aids or any other personal care items at your local grocery. They are cheaper on Amazon, in Super Walmart and Target, or at the dollar store. Unless it is a super good sale after coupon, these stores will beat your grocery prices every time.

Don't buy OTC drugs at the grocery store either. They will be cheaper at the same places.

Don't buy cleaning products. They will be much cheaper at SW, Target or the dollar store. You can also get a cheaper price at the warehouse clubs. Or make your own like I am learning to do. It is much cheaper and they are mostly chemical free.

Paper products will be cheaper at your warehouse clubs or Walmart. I buy 45 rolls of 2 ply toilet paper at Sam's Club when they run a deal for under $20.00. You can also get great deals at Super Walmart. 

Grocery stores don't always have the best prices on meats. Zaycon Fresh many times has meat and poultry prices that beat your grocery stores. Many of the warehouse clubs also have better prices. I  actually have a couple of meat markets in the area that beat my grocery store's prices. If you buy in bulk, like a 1/4 of a cow or 1/2 a pig, you can get great prices. So make sure that when you are buying meat that you are getting the best price. Don't always assume it is the grocery store.

Produce is usually cheaper at Aldi's. If you have  a produce market they also may have the best prices. Always buy what is in season. 

Eggs, butter, cheese, and milk are usually cheaper at Aldi's and your warehouse club. Sometimes you can buy eggs and milk from a local farmer cheaper.

Bread is always much cheaper at an outlet store. If you don't have one, then make your own.

Baking supplies are cheaper at Aldi's, SW, and your warehouse clubs.

Fish and shrimp are cheaper at your warehouse clubs. Aldi's has great prices on shrimp.

I buy so many items that don't have coupons and  good coupons are few and far in between. So I find that I don't coupon that much anymore. That said, I can go to any of these stores and not worry about  coupons. But I do always check my price book. Your prices in your area are different from mine so some of the choices I make to buy certain items may be different from yours.  

Always check your prices. Just don't buy everything at your local grocery store without doing some research.

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