Monday, February 15, 2016

What We Do On A Daily Basis to Not Spend Money

We do so many things on a daily basis to save money. We have been doing them for so many years that they are just ingrained in us. Here is a list of some of the things we do:

- Take navy showers every other day. We don't do much to get dirty and especially in the winter our skin dries out if we shower too often.
- Water down the shampoo and body wash. When the bottle gets down to 2/3's full I add water and shake to mix.

- Use up all free samples of personal care products

- Use toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss that we get free from the dentist

- Only change our towels in the bathrooms once a week. As long as you hang them to dry each time you get done using them, there is no need to wash them every day. After all you are clean after you shower and when you wash your hands and use the towels. 

- We don't wash our jeans every time we wear them. Sometimes we get 2-3 wearings out of them. The same goes for other outer clothing. If they aren't dirty and pass the smell test, why are you washing them? Washing your clothes every time is what wears them out.

-For every meal every day, we actually think about the cheapest way to cook it. Will the microwave suffice instead of the stove top? Will the toaster oven do the job instead of the big oven? I use our pressure cooker, electric fry pan, and crock pot and other small appliances the majority of the time. However, I am teaching myself to cook more recipes in the microwave. In the summer we either use the outside grill or use a small appliance outside on the patio to keep the house cool. There is no sense in cooling the house and then heating it up while cooking.

- I wash clothes in my HE washer using cold water for the wash and rinse on the most economical setting that will get the clothes clean with the exception of really dirty whites. Those I will use hot water to wash but cold to rinse. I hang dry most things. If I use the dryer, I make sure to get the load out as it is done and hang or fold them before they wrinkle. What a waste of power to have to dry them again for 10 minutes because you didn't get to them right away.

- I make homemade laundry and dishwasher detergent. I am learning to make other cleaners. We are becoming a chemical free household without the expense.

- We keep lights off until dark and then only use one in the room we are in. We use only LED bulbs.

- We are very diligent about stuffing our Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags. We are finally down to only using one a week. We recycle everything possible by either donating it to Goodwill or putting everything that is suitable in our recycling can.

- We organize errands so that we try to only drive once a week. Sometimes we have to do twice but rarely not more than that.

-We have energy saving shades on most of our windows and we keep them down when the A/C is on. In the winter, they are only opened on a sunny day on the South Side of the house.

- We try to not open our front or back doors in the winter. We use the garage which gives a buffer to the inside garage door.

- We watch very little TV unless there is sports on for Hubby. We do watch a few favorite shows at night but not every night.

- We turn our PC's off when they are not in use. Most of the time we use our tablets.

- The TV's in the bedrooms are on power strips so that we can turn them totally off when not in use.

- We use ads, letters or other items that we get in the mail that have a good side not written on for scrap paper or lists.

- We save the rubber bands that are wrapped around around our delivered newspapers. We have never  had to buy any.

- We don't waste water by letting it run down the sink while we are doing or rinsing dishes.

- If we use the stove top, we size the pan to the burner and we turn the pans off 5 minutes before things are done. We cover pots.

- We turn our electric blankets on for 5 minutes to warm our beds and then turn them off for the night.

If you just think about what you do each day before you do it, you too will come up with ways that you can save money within the course of your day. After you do them for  a month or so they will become second nature.


  1. Could you please tell me what brand of energy shades you have and where I can find them? Do they help keep the cold out? A few weeks ago, I told DH that we should look into getting extra window coverings (we only have blinds), to help keep the cold out (especially when it's so windy). TIA

    1. Hi Pubbler,

      They were a custom fit order through a local window covering shop here. But I think they are Hunter Douglas. They are their top of the line honeycomb shades.

  2. Thank you. I will look into the Hunter Douglas ones.

  3. Pubbler,

    Make sure that you either ask or look for a discount if you order them. I know you my friend and I am sure you will. But just a gentle reminder.