Thursday, March 24, 2016

Frugal Things

We have been doing a few frugal things the past few days.

I made the pictured chocolate bunnies for my grandchildren's baskets. I was going to make more but then I realized that my granddaughter might like to do some with me on Friday. So that is my plan.

We shampooed our master bedroom carpeting using the carpet shampooer that we own. It has been one of the best purchases that we have ever made. It's 10 years old and still going strong.

I changed the filter on our furnace. Hopefully soon we can turn the furnace off. Hubby is the one who tracks the utility bills. He informed me yesterday that our gas and electric bills for the past year  have been the lowest since we moved in. They are $500. less than they were the first year even though rates have gone up.  It pays to work at reducing them. I would love to get them down to an average of $100. a month. So that is my next challenge.

We have been eating pretty simply the past few days. I roasted a pork loin on Monday. We have been eating that for dinners ever since. Tonight we will finish it.  All I have been cooking to go with it each day is a vegetable. When I get really busy, I like simple.

I have planned part of my menu for meals while my family is here. We are having a ham dinner for Easter. Breakfasts will be blueberry pancakes and bacon one day. Then fried potatoes, scrambled eggs and sausage another. Ham sandwiches will be a lunch. I hope to plan the other meals today.

I mailed $17.00 in liquor and other rebates yesterday. I will just love seeing those checks come in.

Two pairs of jeans and a shirt needed mending so I did those last night while I watched TV.

I washed two loads of laundry using minimal detergent and cold water. I hung them to dry.

We are still working on eating down our freezer and pantries. Most of the shopping that we have been doing this month has been for OTC, HBA, toilet paper, and personal care items. This was  a warehouse club trip. I have also replenished our butter supply for the year. Other than that it has been veggies, fruits, dairy, and some legs of lamb and corned beefs that Hubby and I always get this time of the year because they are cheaper per pound.

I had enough CC reward points to get $100. cash back which will pay for my next credit card bill.

I have started to put away the winter clothes and to get the spring and summer out. No more heavy coats. Yeah!

I am still working on selling all of my books that are in the bookcase in the basement. I have been researching how much they are worth.

We changed all of the batteries in our smoke detectors the day that we changed the clocks for daylight saving time. They were all purchased on sale with coupons.

I made an all purpose cleaner with vinegar and orange peels. While I had the vinegar out, I cleaned the coffee pot.

We will continue our frugal ways the next few days but we will also be having a splurge. More about that next week.

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