Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Frugality The Past Few Days

I am hoping this warm spell continues. We would really like to turn off the heat for a couple of months before we need the air conditioning. It's not time to do that yet but soon hopefully.

We have done a few frugal things over the last few days. On Sunday, my son and grandson came to visit. Rather than have my son purchase donuts, I made two loaves of pumpkin bread. My grandson loves this bread and he ate 3 pieces. I sometimes wonder where he puts it. He is so slim and fit. 

Hubby trimmed my hair. I am growing my layers in so he just had to clean up all of the split ends and trim the length just a little. He did notice that my roots are coming in. So I was looking through the ads to see if anyone had hair color on sale. Then a light bulb went off and I checked my personal care stockpile. Sure enough, I have 1 box of hair color. So I will color my hair this weekend. Not having to pay for a haircut and color and tip is a savings of about $75. 

On my errand day, I signed up again for a year membership at B.J.'s using the $25. Groupon that I purchased. I love how the deals on memberships keep coming year after year. They always seem to come out just as mine is expiring.  I have an overlap with Sam's Club of one month so I will go to Sam's for my last shop soon. I want to pick up a few discounted gift cards for gifts and Sam's price is better than B.J.'s for those.

I went to the library and I checked out the book "In Cheap We Trust" by Lauren Weber. I am only about a third of the way through reading it.  It tells about the  history of thrift and doing things cheaply in the United States. It is quite interesting.

We didn't get a chance to cut the dead leaves off at the ground of some of our bulbs that will be starting to bloom soon. So yesterday while it was 65 outside, we got that accomplished. We also got that flowerbed raked and the mulch put back in place.

I did three loads of wash on three successive days using cold water and minimal detergent on the express setting. I hung each load to dry in the basement. 

This morning I baked a pound of bacon in the oven. It is so much easier to do that way rather than standing over a skillet for what seems like and eternity. We will be having BLT's for dinner tonight. I have been craving them. The rest of the bacon will be used with eggs for breakfasts.

Even though I washed the SUV the other day, Hubby wanted to get the salt off the undercarriage so he took it to our local car wash yesterday and had that done for $ 9.00. While he was out, he got a haircut at the barber.

I organized the very last closet in the house that needed it. It is the closet in one of our guest rooms that houses all of the toys for the grandchildren. I sorted out the toys, books and games that they have outgrown and put them in our garage sale pile for now. I haven't decided whether I will have one or not or if I will sell the things on Craigslist. The toys, etc. that went back in the closet were organized and put in their boxes.

Hubby got a preliminary questionaire for jury duty. He filled it out and I mailed it while I was out to Aldi's yesterday. It would be nice if he got called. I think he would enjoy it.

I wrapped all of the Easter gifts for the grandchildren. I also started  filling their Easter baskets with a little bit of candy and some decorated pencils.  I have a few more little things to get and they will be finished.

I had planned on baking bread and rolls today but since I did the Aldi's post yesterday I just purchased what I needed so that I could show you what they had in my post. Next time we need bread and rolls I will be making them. Mine are better than store bought.

I am going to surprise Hubby this week with a pan of lasagna. he has been craving it and I have been stalling him. I can't eat anything with red sauce. But I have decided to make him a small pan. Perhaps I could make a small pan for me with alfredo sauce.

One of the screws on one of the knobs on my cupboard door stripped. Hubby was going to go to Home Depot and get one but he kept procrastinating. I was getting worried that he would loose the knob before he got it. So my son asked us on Sunday if he could go out for a few minutes and leave my grandson with us. He mentioned he was going to Home Depot. I gave him the stripped screw and he went and not only replaced it but bought a bag of them in case it happens on any of the others. He refused any money for the screws.   

I also asked him to look under my sink to see if there was anything loose. I found a long screw under there and Hubby nor I knew what it was for. My son looked under the sink and found that it had come out of a cupboard bracket so he put it back in.  He is always doing things for us and I am very appreciative.

The birds are starting to come back to the chimney on our outside fireplace. They always build a nest in it and then we have to wait till their eggs hatch and the baby birds go off on their own.  So Hubby stuffed it with wood so they can't do it this year. We like to use our fireplace in the spring. It is an inconvenience to take the wood out and then put it back. But at least we can use our fireplace.

I have started to research how much my books I sorted from the basement bookcase will sell for. Some of the older ones are worth a bit of money. Any that will sell for over $10.00 are worth my time and effort. If not I will donate them to the library. 

Are you continuing to be frugal every day and save what you can? We are always aware of what we are doing and how we can save since we want to reach our $ 50,000. savings goal. 

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