Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 2016 Expense Report

This is a review of  every penny we have spent during March. If there is a category that you don't see, it is explained here 

Groceries          $ 351.99           Food Only

Electric & Gas      198.94           Heating Season

Water & Sewer      46.20            Quarterly Bill

CabTV, Int.&Tel    141.52

Netflix                     7.99

UPS                      11.86           Item DIL Left Here

Medical               387.68           Ins.,Drugs, Drs.

Gasoline               26.70            For SUV

Car Wash                9.00

Rest.&TakeOut     158.77           5 meals

Household Goods   445.18         31,dishes, misc.

Guardian                 29.85         Alarm monitoring

Homeowners Ins.   501.00         Annual Bill

Haircut                    16.00         Hubby

Gifts                      284.63         Misc.

Liquor                     72.25         Wine, misc.

Total Expenses     $2689.56

Our expenses were $1,000.+ more than last month but that is because our bills fluctuate with annual bills like the homeowner's insurance and quarterly bills like the water and sewer that come due. 

Groceries were a little high but that is because we stocked on legs of lamb and corned beefs while they were at rock bottom prices. We hosted Easter dinner for our family and that is an added expense. I will try to lower this total in April.

With heating season comes high bills. They should be going lower as soon as we can turn off the heat. Too cold here yet.

I would love to get rid of Cable TV but Hubby enjoys it. I enjoy Netflix and Amazon Prime movies so we each have our vices.

We were happy with our medical this month. Most of it is health insurance, a few drugs and  some Dr. appointments.

We had one very nice meal out for the 5 of us to celebrate our son and DIL's anniversary. The actual bill with tip came to $170.00. However,  I had $ 75.00 in gift cards that I purchased on a deal that were already paid for last Fall. So our out of pocket was $ 95.00 for dinner. The rest of the meals were  take out here and there: Dunkin Donuts, Chivettas BBQ, etc.

Household goods were high this month because we purchased 8 place settings of Fiestaware dishes and spent $59.00 at a Thirty One Party. I ended up getting the same item that I showed you but the much larger utility one. It is sturdier for my groceries in the car. The rest was personal care, toilet paper and garbage bags from Sams Club.

Gifts were high because we had 3 birthdays, an anniversary and Easter gifts.

We periodically replenish our liquor stock. So this was for 2 bottles of wine, a bottle of mudslides and Southern Comfort. 

The rest of the items are self explanatory.

We were able to invest $ 4500. this month which makes our investment total so far for 2016 $ 15,000.
If we can continue to save this quarterly, our total savings would be $ 60,000. this year. But I know that won't happen since we have a hefty school tax bill due in September. So we will continue to try to save towards our goal of $ 50,000. Even  that is going to be tough. But we are doing our best.

How about you? Have you looked at your expense totals for the month? Were you able to invest some money this month? Did you pay off a chunk of debt? I hope that you haven't given up. If so get back to tracking so that your life is planned and not just left to chance. Chance is scary! Planning and investing is smart! 

I want all of you to be debt free and happily retired  with no money worries. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask via a comment.


  1. Impressive! You inspire me to do better. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for your inpsiring post. I have paid an extra $982 this month on fed student loans which are still hovering at $30,000. Interest is such a bear when you're on the wrong side of it (paying it out vs earning it). Can't wait til my husband and i are in a more stable position and can direct that extra money to our retirement accounts. So glad I found your blog a couple days ago! I will be reading and learning. Thank you!!

  3. Hi Teri,

    Wow, that is a serious chunk of money! Congratulations on making that large payment.