Thursday, March 10, 2016

Only Ten Days Into March And It Is Turning Into A Spendy Month

It's only the 10th of March and I don't like how spendy this month is getting. Already we have had to pay our annual homeowner's insurance payment of  $ 501.00. Hubby and I did a comparison and we couldn't find any company cheaper than the one we have for the replacement value of our home. Of course, we always have a $1,000. deductible. As much as I hate paying for insurance, it is a necessity.

Then Hubby and I decided to replace our dishes. This seems to be an every other year occurrence. We seem to drop things a lot especially me. I have very weak wrists so I drop dishes and glassware or they slip out of my hand and chip when I am emptying the dishwasher. After spending a fortune to replace 2 sets in the last 4 years, we decided to do it again. This time I did my research. If I had my way, we would have purchased Corelle dinnerware. But Hubby finally convinced me that he really doesn't like those. So we decided on Fiesta dishes and ordered 8 place settings.  What convinced me to buy these dishes is the fact that I can buy just one plate or bowl or whatever if I chip one. I looked for a great deal and found one at Kohls online. For each place setting I purchased I got a free fruit bowl.  I had a 30% off code and a free shipping code. So the total came to $181.38 and I got $30.00 in Kohls cash which I will be using today or tomorrow to buy a serving piece. I feel I got a great deal but it was money that I hadn't counted on spending. However with 2 chipped dinner plates and a chipped smaller plate, I really needed to before our Easter dinner. 

And tonight I will be spending money at a Thirty One party. I hate these parties. I don't care whether it is Tupperware, Thirty One, or any other kind of selling party. I hate them all. I rarely go to one.  I am going so that I can visit with someone I haven't seen in a year.

I have thought about not buying anything. However the hostess is a friend who twisted my arm to go. Then I thought, I'll just buy one of the cheapest things. Then I thought that is stupid. Finally I decided I would buy this . 

I already have one that I purchased three years ago. With shopping at Aldi's so much now, they are really handy for putting the groceries into from the cart. They are sturdy and perfect for carrying those groceries into the house.  So this will give me two that I can keep in my trunk for my Aldi's shops. I really want three but I will wait until the next party. These parties seem to go around the neighborhood. So for a total of $37.80 I can get something useful. But I hadn't planned on this expense this month either.

We seem to have months like this every once in a while. I am sure that everyone does. But when we are saving for such a large goal this year, it puts a dent in our plans. But we will try to spend as little as possible the rest of this month so that we can invest a good amount of money around the 31st.

Since I will be going out to this party shortly after dinner, I wanted to plan something to eat that will be easy. Hubby is really happy that I am serving Chef's salads. It is one of his favorite meals. I just have to throw together some turkey, pepperoni, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, celery and black olives with some Italian dressing. We will each have half a bagel to go with it. Easy and filling.

Tomorrow, we will tighten up the purse so that we can reach our goals.


  1. Hi! I have Fiesta ware dishes and LOVE them. I waited a long time to get them and I'm very happy I have them now. I love the colors, the fact that they are made in the USA and that you can replace a piece if you break it. Also, the large utility tote from 31, is the best. It's the first 31 bag I ever bought and now I own 3….LOL Enjoy the party and your new dishes.

    1. Hi Coleen,

      I am glad to see your review of these dishes. I think I made the right choice.

      I ended up getting the really big one for $59. including tax and shipping. The $35. one was too flimsy for what I wanted. This one should stay standing up and serve my purpose. I have to admit they had some beautiful things there last night but SO EXPENSIVE.

      Thanks for your good wishes and for sharing.

  2. I just blogged about using my large utility tote for carrying meals over to my parents. It is amazingly sturdy and useful.

    Your home insurance is so low compared to my state. We use a low cost company but our rate is about $2000 a year. My state has so many ice storms, fires, tornados, hail storms....... We are almost at the top of list for the most natural disasters.

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      I am happy to see your tote is working out for you. I will be bringing some meals to a friend who is having a baby soon so I will remember to use it.

      YIKES! $2,000. for insurance. I guess I won't complain about mine then. Our insurance must be lower because we don't really have any disasters. A tornado about once in 20 years or so. We do feel earthquakes but they are usually in Canada.