Thursday, March 3, 2016

This Was My Kind of Spending Day

I have been trying to only run errands once a week or every other week.  After breakfast I got an early start. My trip was 26 miles round trip. Since it is such a distance, I like to get everything done  all on the same day.

My first stop was Kohl's to look for a gift for a friend's mom. It's her 75th birthday this weekend. I was very happy to see clearance when I got there. I got this really nice lightweight navy sleeveless jacket that I know she will love. She wears these with long sleeve shirts. It has a bit of lint on it but I can easily take care of that.  You can see the original price on the tag and then it was marked down to $11.52. After a $5.00 off coupon and a 30% discount of $ 1.96, I paid $ 4.78 including tax. A bargain for me and a nice jacket for her. You can't beat that!

Next I stopped at Top's supermarket to pick up a deal on meat that I couldn't pass up. Their 7 inch Italian sausages were on a B1G1F sale. I paid $ 12.70 for 5.67 pounds. I will be packaging them up in meal size portions with my food saver before I put them in my freezer. This is the first grocery shop I have done in over a month.

Then, I went to the bank to deposit a check. Behind the bank is Bed, Bath and Beyond. I have been researching sugar free coffee syrups. Hubby and I would like to give up flavored creamers. I found some Skinny Sugar Free Syrups online but they were expensive especially with shipping. The Skinny syrups seemed perfect for us because they have 0 calories and 0 sugar. The creamers have calories and  the good flavors have sugar.  I contacted the company and  asked them where I could buy them locally. They said Bed, Bath and Beyond and Home Goods. So I bought two 3 packs today at BBB. We will try them and see if we like them. If not we will use them on ice cream or in other desserts. But if this works, we will save a ton of money on creamers. Buying half and half is a whole lot cheaper at Sam's Club. I paid $ 9.99 a 3 pack and had a $5.00 off $ 15.00 coupon.

Last stop was to my Doctor's office to pay a bill that came in the mail yesterday. Since it was on my route, I decided to save the $.49 stamp.

I am beat. That is a lot of errands for me to run at once these days. So I am going to throw a load of wash in and hang it to dry after it is done. Before I make dinner (chipotle and cheddar sausages on buns with onions and mustard), I am going to watch a movie on Netflix.

Before I go, I want to let you know how my turkey experiment turned out. To refresh your memory, I paid $ 7.55 for a 15.72 lb. turkey. The first two nights we had a turkey dinner. The second and third days we had sandwiches for lunch. The third night and fourth nights we had homemade turkey soup. So far that is 6 meals for two of us. Then I used the food saver to package up 3 meals of soup and 4 meals of turkey and put them in the freezer for future meals. That is 13 meals for the two of us from the turkey. So that is $ .58 per meal or $ .29 per person per meal from the turkey meat. I don't know of another meat that would cost us that little.


  1. I try to combine all my errands also. I live about 26 miles from the nearest big town that has a "gasp" grocery store. I frequently will "make the loop" hitting grocery stores, thrift stores and the Dollar Tree stores in 2 major towns that are 7 miles apart. This usually turns into an all day outing for me and I come home really tired and spend the next day recovering. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so on the days I have energy, I try to get as much done as possible. :) It also saves on fuel costs to not make as many trips since I have so far to drive.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      I am so sorry that you have CFS. I am very aware of the lack of energy and pain that you have. My sister has CFS.

      Wow, I thought I had a big trip at 13 miles each way. Twenty six miles each way is quite a trek.

      Thanks for sharing what your errand day looks like.