Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Why I Love Aldi's So Much

Have I told you how much I love Aldi's? Well, today I am going to and I will tell you why.

This morning I did my weekly shopping at Aldi. I always keep an old pill bottle full of quarters in my glove compartment. You need one to rent a cart at Aldi. When you unload your groceries into the car and bring the cart back to the front of the store, you get your quarter back. You don't have to worry about loose carts damaging your car while you shop. You also have to bring your own bags if you want to avoid paying for bags. The cashier will put your items in an empty cart and it is up to you to bag them at the little counter in the front of the store. This makes checkout super quick. This morning the weather was so beautiful that I just took the cart to the car and loaded them into bags in the back of my SUV. You really don't need a coat outside today. The next week is going to be in the high 50's and 60's. 

Above is pictured some of the things that I purchased this morning. I picked up my spiral sliced Easter ham which was on sale for $ 1.49 a lb. The ham was a total of $ 16.15. I buy hams at Aldi a few times a year because we love the Appleton spiral sliced hams and they are cheaper than anyplace else in my area.

I also purchased 2 lbs of shredded cheddar cheese($ 2.79), 4 on the vine tomatoes ($2.99), 4 pkgs. of Pancetta ($1.69 each), 2 Fit & Active yogurt ( $.39 each), 24 oz. of lowfat cottage cheese ($ 2.29), Oyster Wok sauce ($ .99),and roasted garlic hummus ($1.99). All of these prices are the cheapest locally for me. The oyster wok sauce was actually clearanced so it was marked down. I only had a little at home so I took advantage of this reduction. Last time I purchased oyster sauce elsewhere, it was over $3.00. The pancetta was also a mark down from $ 2.79 a pkg. It doesn't expire until mid June. I have been looking for pancetta for years in this area. So I was really excited to see this.

I also purchased veggie straws ($ 1.89), sweet potato chips(these are so good- $1.99), chili cheese corn chips ($1.19), jelly beans ($ 1.95), aluminum foil ($1.99), Peeps ($.99), 2 lbs. of northern beans ( $ 1.99), Simply Nature organic salsa ( $ 1.89  a pkg. of English muffins ( $ .99), a pkg. of onion bagels( $ 1.69) and a loaf of whole grain white bread( $ 1.39).

Their snacks are cheap and it is rumored that some of them are made by Frito Lay. Their Burman's mayonaise is Hellmans. There are lots of other rumors around as to which item is what name brand. Except for the mayo, none of that do I care about. You really have to try things for yourselves and see how good they are.

I also picked up this nice wastebasket to replace a plastic one in my office. It was only $ 3.99. I have one that is similar that cost me $10.00. They put many home good type products on sale each Sunday.

My total for everything today was $ 57.49. I would guess that all of this would have cost me about $90.00 at Tops.
Their Simply Nature brand is their organic line. They also carry GF products which is their gluten free. Their Fit and Active are low fat. I am loving them bringing in more and more organic at great prices. They also have an aisle which has seasonal products like the Easter candy that I purchased.
I love this store because it is small. It doesn't have all of the options a large supermarket has. Most items only have one choice. For me that is terrific. I tire easily these days and a store with just a few aisles and three perimeter walls for dairy, deli, meats, baked goods and frozen is enough for me.

I also love that you don't have to bother with coupons to get great prices. They don't take coupons. Once in a blue moon they might put an Aldi coupon in the Sunday paper. I always watch for them just in case.

Cash only and then they added debit cards and now  as of last Sunday you can pay with a major credit card. I always had to drive monthly to my bank which is over 30 minutes away to get cash mostly to shop Aldi. Now I can use my credit card and earn reward points of 2%. That is a win win! 

I have been shopping at Aldi since my kids were in junior high. I used to have to drive 35 minutes to get to one back then. When we moved to the SW, they didn't have Aldi which was very disappointing. But now my Aldi is 5 and 1/2 miles away. I will be shopping there more and more because of the prices, how excellent their products are, and the quick check out.

Some of the things that I usually get there that I didn't get today are: organic spring mix, almond butter, flour, sugar, Aldi natural peanut butter, eggs, milk, canned pumpkin, unrefined coconut oil, green peppers, carrots, cheese blocks, chicken breasts, organic grass fed beef, hamburger and hot dog rolls, 93/7 ground beef, and sirloin pork chops. There are many more that I don't have time to post.

So if you want to shop and get in and out and save a ton of money each week try out Aldi. I don't think you will be disappointed.

If any of you shop Aldi, I would be thrilled if you would take the time to comment about what you buy that your family loves. I am always game to try something new.    


  1. I have an Aldi's about 25 miles away. I'm going to have to give it a try someday. Thanks for posting the great deals you found!

    1. You are welcome. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

  2. Wish we had an Aldi's here in Pensacola, Fl. We shopped at Aldi's when we lived in York, Pa. I miss Aldi's.

    1. Perhaps someday they will expand your way.

  3. The closest Aldi is 30 miles away from my house. I plan a shopping trip to that area at least once a month. I load a cooler into the car so I can pick up milk and other dairy items. A gallon of milk is the best price in the area. I've also tried the quick cook oatmeal, flour, raisins, "entertainment" crackers, and doughnut shop coffee. During the holidays I buy their chocolate covered gingerbread cookies. Yum! They are a wonderful price too. I've buy their veggie straws (from the chip aisle) and granola bars. All of these items are as good as the national brands. IMFO. The only items that I've had a problem with are their fresh vegetables. They spoil within 3 days. I don't know if that is just my region or if others have had problems with this too.

    1. Hi Ellie,

      Thanks for sharing all of the things you like at Aldi's. I used to have that problem with the veggies in my store. However they are much fresher now so I don't have a problem with them.

  4. I know their coupons are regional so this may not help you but I was so pleased to see a $10/40 coupon on the Aldi ad in our local paper today. We also got the same coupon about 3 weeks ago. You can be sure I will use it!

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      Thanks for letting us all know. Enjoy those coupons. I will keep a closer eye on my paper. I know they are regional but this is about the time of year we got one last year.