Monday, April 18, 2016

Frugal Things We Have Done Over the Past Six Days

These are the frugal things we have done:

- Hubby is cleaning up most of our gardens and trimming bushes and trees. We didn't hire our usual company to do it.

- I am still working on the windows using homemade solution.

- The weather has been in the 70's so we have been cooking on the grill outside. Meat, vegetables and potatoes can all be done out there which saves us on our natural gas bill and keeps the house cool.

- Most breakfasts have been oatmeal from a bulk supply with bananas or blueberries on top.

- Lunches have been mostly hard boiled eggs and fruit, chicken or turkey salad on crackers or a tossed salad.

- Eating what we have in the house so that is lowering grocery bills.

- Charged our $ 548. dental bill this morning so that we can at least get cash back with points. Hubby had to have a panorama of X-rays so the bill is really high. The hygienist told me that I needed the X-rays too. I informed her that I did not since I had them on October 26th. She seemed surprised that I knew the date. I always bring a list of what was done and when and what the cost was for the past year with me to the dentist's office. I refresh my memory while I am in the waiting room. This way I don't pay for  unnecessary services. I guess she didn't believe me because she looked it up. She says to me, "Oh, I guess you did!" I told her I always know.  Today's bill was for the panorama, 2 exams by the dentist and 2 cleanings. I made a fuss last time we were there about his prices. Of course they tried to get us to have fluoride treatments for $29. each. We both said no. We get enough fluoride in our  toothpaste and drinking water.  Today the panorama was $110. instead of the $ 174. I got charged last year. We also noticed that he reduced the price of his exam by $10. for each of us. Perhaps he is losing patients. I know that he was begging all of his patients to come in in March for any work and he would give 15% off the bill. I also overheard a woman who was a new patient complain about his prices when I was there this morning. When they tried to make her another appointment, she left  saying she would call them when she was ready. I doubt it. He is a terrific dentist but he has to become more competitive.

- Washed two loads of laundry and hung them to dry.

- Cleaned the house yesterday with mostly homemade products.

- The 3 week old baby from next door came to visit yesterday. PRICELESS!

- Borrowed 3 books from the library.

- We drink filtered water from the tap all day long. No bottled water for us.

- Watched Netflix a few nights and played Yatzee some others.

- Have pretty much turned the heat off except for at night when we have a cold one.

- I have unsubscribed from most online sites so that I am not getting constant sale info which can lead to impulse buying. I haven't been to Hip2Save in weeks.

- Received $ 8.00 in rebates via mail

- Needed creamer which we picked up on the way home from the dentist. It was the only thing I bought. No impulse shopping.

- Gave myself a manicure and pedicure.

- Out of body wash so I have been using bar soap instead. We have tons of bar soap so will be using it all up.

- We have decided to have "Meatless Mondays" from now on. At least one day a week, we will save on the cost of meat.

- Gave two birthday gifts this past weekend, one was on a 50% off sale and one was on clearance. The receiver absolutely loved them both. I knew she would. It just goes to show that if you give gifts that you know the person will love, you don't have to spend a fortune!

- Made a cherry crisp for our dessert last week. It was so yummy. Here is the recipe Cherry Crisp 

- We have kept the TV's off during the day.

- Computers are off when we are not using them.

- No lights in the daytime.

- Worked on a Christmas gift for next year that I am making two different nights.

- Hubby serviced our riding lawn mower himself by changing the oil and installing a new filter.

- As usual, we have avoided the mall.

- Hubby was about to send in a 2 year subscription for Handyman magazine when I reminded him that his son buys it for him for Christmas every year.

- We have been walking for exercise.

- We get free online bill pay so we utilize that as much as we can to  pay bills.

- Yesterday, I made up a bunch of blueberry pancakes for easy breakfasts this week. I am still using blueberries that we froze at their peak last  August.

- I am deciding on what we will plant in our huge pots on the deck and in our herb garden this year. You can't plant here until almost the end of May.

That is all I can remember right now.

If you would like to share with us what you did to save some money the past week or so, please feel free to leave it in the comments.    


  1. I think you did really well. I had to go to the dentist about sore teeth and they took 2 x rays...I am fearing the bill. I have to go in next month for a cleaning also.

  2. Hi Debbie,

    Good luck with your cleaning. Dental bills are so high these days.

  3. Thanks for the cherry crisp recipe, all the ingredients are in my kitchen already.

    I had to switch dental insurance companies when my husband retired. I had a cleaning last week and didn't have to pay anything, yet anyway, we will see!

  4. I am not sure where you are but I work in a dental office here in the California Bay Area. We charge $65 for x-rays and exam once a year and $95 for cleaning 2 times a year. Fluoride is free. The panorama x-ray is every 5 years or done on new patients. It is $99 I think. The six month exam without xrays is also free. Maybe you need to shop around a little more.

    1. Hi Doona,

      I almost missed your comment. Your charges are so cheap. When we lived in AZ, the dental charges were similar. They are outrageous here in NY. I have shopped and there is not much difference among dentists. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Just curious if you have looked into the dental saving land like dental ? Some of my coworkers dropped our corporate dental plan because this covered more and was cheaper for my current area. I haven't researched it much myself.

    1. Hi Aj,

      I have not because the dentists here will bill them for you and accept payment from them but nothing is discounted.You still have to pay the balance of what is owed. So by buying a dental plan I would be paying full price plus the monthly premium.