Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Frugal Things

These are the frugal things that we have done over the past week or so:

- Washed two loads of laundry in cold water with minimal detergent and hung them to dry.

- Cooked 99% of our meals at home.

- Researched three contractors to do some concrete work for us. Made appointments to get three estimates.

- Starting to research epoxy floor coatings for our garage floor and the contractors.

- Fixed a zipper on my favorite fleece.

- Wrapped my DIL's birthday gifts with brown paper that my grandson decorated. 

-  My son brought donuts for last Sunday's breakfast. He would not take any money from us for them.

- Made some cranberry orange muffins for our Sunday breakfasts when our family visits the next few weeks.

- Did my Bing searches to get another Amazon gift card.

- Received $ 8.31 from rewards card for Amazon.

- Received $3.00 rebate in the mail.

- Won McGriddles and Medium Fries from McDonalds. Just have to go get them. Maybe today.

- Set up a system with our drugstore so that they call me the minute they have filled a prescription in full. I was tired of going to pick up drugs when they said they would be ready to find they didn't have the stock to fill them in full. This will save trips and the gasoline to get there.

- Filled the SUV up with gasoline getting $ .50 off per gallon using points. Used my 2% rewards card to pay.

- Used a 25% off coupon to get the snow tires taken off the car. Paid with our rewards card.

- My carry on bag for flying broke last year. I have been researching for a new one for almost a year. They cost a fortune and most of them were made so cheaply. I finally got one here: Luggage . I bought it when it was on sale for $79.95 and used money saved from rebate checks to pay for it. It's beautiful, well constructed, and will be perfect for the few times I travel. I pack light so this will hold a week's worth of clothes.

- I cleaned and inventoried my two freezer drawers in my refrigerator. The drawers now hold what we will cook the next few weeks.

- Entertainment this week has been Netflix movies and playing Yatzee.

- I am making a pizza for dinner tonight with pepperoni.

That is it besides all the meals I have been making. Did you do anything frugal these past few days? 

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