Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Top Ten Things That I Believe Are A Big Waste of Money

In life there are things that will save you money and we have talked about a lot of them. But today, I want to talk about the top ten things that I believe are the biggest waste of money:

- Paying Interest - to credit card companies. Buying something that you can't afford and then paying a huge interest charge every month to eventually own it. Make it a priority to pay off any credit card debt you have and start investing that money.

- Buying Cigarettes - They are an extremely expensive way to kill yourself. If you smoke, quit. I smoked for many years and quit cold turkey. If I could do it so can you. No one says it will be easy but it will save your life.

- Overdraft Fees or ATM Fees - Keep your checking account up to date so that you never overdraft it. Those fees are outrageous. Use the ATM's that your bank doesn't charge you for.  Mine is over 12 miles away so if I am in desperate need of cash, I just get it as cash back at the grocery store. I only go my bank once a month and  usually take out enough to  last me that month.

- Unused Gym Memberships - How many of you pay for a yearly membership and then don't use it? There are many ways to get your exercise and not waste money.

- Bottled Water - Unless you have lead or some other thing that will kill you in your water, drink your  tap water. If you would feel better filtering it, go ahead. Most bottle waters come out of a tap. So why pay a premium for them. If you need to take water with you in the car, bottle it yourself.

- Wasting Food - Use up the food that you have purchased. Don't let it end up in a trash can. You might as well burn that money.

- Buying Your Coffee Out In The Morning or Anytime   - Make your own coffee and take it with you to work. You will save hundreds of dollars a year if you make this small switch.

- Not Taking Advantage Of An Employer Match - If your company offers to match your 401K savings or other retirement vehicle savings with a certain percentage, you are throwing free money out the window if you don't take advantage of it. This is probably the biggest mistake that people make.

- Paying for Services That You Can Do Yourself -
If you are physically able, do your own lawn mowing and yard work. Do your own repairs as long as they are not dangerous. You can learn how to do just about everything by using google. People love to show you how to do things with videos on You Tube.

-Paying for Cable TV, especially Premium Cable Channels - This is one that I would love to get rid of but Hubby enjoys it and we can easily afford it. We do not pay for premium channels. When today, you can watch almost anything on the web or via Netflix, this is a huge waste of money. It is OUR biggest money waster. I am still working on convincing Hubby that he can live with out it. Perhaps he will come over to my way of thinking on it someday.

I have to apologize for the lack of pictures lately. My camera finally died so I have been researching a new one. Hopefully I will get it UPS soon. I feel lost without it.

Today is really clean and organize the garage day. It is a gorgeous day to do it! I want to get all of the winter dirt out. I have been giving it a lick and  a promise for way too long. I also  plan on pitching a bunch of junk since it is garbage day tomorrow. 

But first, I am going to make us brunch. We have been very busy all morning and almost forgot to eat. Using leftover strip steak, I am going to make steak and eggs. It will give us the protein we need for cleaning.


  1. Your brunch sounds delicious! Hope that your garage cleaning goes well. I really need to do some spring cleaning and get some seeds planted. I am later than usual this year. :(
    Good tips! I need to get better about not wasting food. We also pay for a storage building where I have stored some things of my Mom and Dad's. I have probably paid more in storage fees than the stuff is worth, but going through their things is hard for me...I miss them.:(

  2. Hi Kathy,

    Thanks. The garage is done. It took almost all day. I cleaned every cabinet, work bench,tool chest, etc. It is organized and immaculate. Hubby is somewhat of a pack rat so I threw out about half a barrel of junk. Good luck with your cleaning and

    We lost our parents years ago. We kept their things for a few years but finally realized that except for a few special things that it allneeded to go. So I took pictures of things and then threw them out. The pictures I can look at anytime and they don't take uo space.