Friday, April 22, 2016

Our Favorite Frugal Desserts

We only make dessert once a week because most desserts have a lot of sugar. So for health reasons, we limit the amount of sugar we eat. When I am making a recipe, I usually use less sugar than the recipe calls  for or use Splenda.

I am sure we all love fancy desserts that take a lot of time to make. But I leave those for the finest restaurant meal that we might go to once a year or so. I don't have a lot of expensive ingredients in my home. So we stick to easy dessert recipes that are also cheap.

Hubby made one of our favorites, SF raspberry jello, last night.  Boxes of jello are cheap after coupon or at your frugal supermarket like Aldi's. They only take a few minutes of prep time and are delicious with some whipped cream on top. We do the same with SF puddings. These two items are pretty much the only boxed desserts we use. Almost all of the others are homemade. Last night Hubby made some raspberry and is enjoying it once I took the picture. :-)

Now that the nice weather is here, I will start making homemade popsicles again from the same frozen fruit that I use  for smoothies. I froze strawberries last June and we still have a lot. We also make homemade sorbet and ice cream with our Vitamix.

My favorite with leftover bread is bread pudding .
I usually have all of the ingredients on hand. We don't serve it with ice cream unless I have homemade.

Muffins and homemade breads of all kinds are the choice most of the time because they are cheap and can also be used for breakfasts or snacks. Sometimes, I use chocolate frosting on banana bread.

Hubby likes to make his macaroons. I make 
 snickerdoodles . We also love making gingersnaps and whoopie pies as a treat for the grandchildren.

Homemade brownies, rice pudding and chocolate chip cookies are some of our favorites. Chocolate chips can be expensive  but I buy them during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season when they are at their cheapest. I freeze them and use them all year. 

When I have purchased strawberries and blueberries at rock bottom prices in season, or pick cherries from our tree, I will make pies. And I always have a stash of canned pumpkin and evaporated milk for pies or for making pumpkin bread. 

Lots of times we just have fruit like we did the other night.   

When we have company for dinner in the wintertime and I want a fancy dessert, I cut the top 1/4 of an orange off. I scoop out all of the orange and fill the empty orange peel cup with orange sherbet leaving just a little room at the top and I freeze it. Of course, I make as many as we have people at dinner.  Just before I serve them, I spoon sliced strawberries and juice on top and then sprinkle them with a little coconut. They make a beautiful presentation served in a bowl and everyone always loves them. Be sure to save the scooped out fruit for a snack or for making muffins or a smoothie.

I know that some families have dessert every night but my family never did when I grew up. So I never did as my kids were growing up either. 

Desserts don't have to be super expensive. So many of them can be made cheaply especially if you buy baking supplies at rock bottom prices in the fall.


  1. Yum! My family does love a little something sweet after a meal. Thanks for the links for recipes.
    I have several bags of pumpkin puree in the freezer, do you have a link for your pumpkin bread?

    1. Hi Kathy,

      I use the long narrow bread pans like she does. This is the best pumpkin bread we have ever had. It is so moist!

    2. Thanks!
      I think that I have everything to make them this weekend. :D