Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tips for Saving in the Kitchen

Do you remember the fresh pineapple that I used in the stir fry and as a side for dinner? Well, I had about 6 large slices left which I did not want to waste. So this afternoon, I baked a pineapple upside down cake. I didn't have any maraschino cherries and I did not want to spend my time or gasoline to go get some. My time has been very valuable today. More on that tomorrow. So I baked it without them. If anyone is interested, this is the recipe that I use:

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

I baked it in my toaster oven since I was not going to turn the big oven on for one thing.

For breakfast this morning, we had scrambled eggs, a slice of cinnamon bread toasted and a banana. I cooked the eggs in the microwave. How to do it is

here .

We had a tossed salad with the rest of the sliced chicken that I cooked the other night on top with ranch dressing.

Dinner tonight will be leftover chicken enchilada casserole which made three dinners for us. One the night we made it and two from the freezer. It was all made in a 12 inch skillet and then divided into three meals.

Here are some other tips for saving in the kitchen that I use all of the time:

- When a grocery item has only one ingredient like flour, eggs, rice, milk or 100% orange juice, I buy the generic or store brand that is the cheapest.

- Buy as many of your fruits and vegetables fresh in season. Preserve as many as you can by freezing or canning. We are still eating blueberries and strawberries purchased fresh last June and August that I froze. It's nice to pay rock bottom prices and have them last a year.

- Eat all of your leftovers. If you only have a few vegetables or bits of meat left put them in a bag in your freezer. Each time you have some leftovers add them to the bag. When you get enough, thaw and make soup.

- Buy your staples like flour, sugar, rice, beans, etc. in bulk and then store them in food grade buckets. This way you get the lowest price on these items.

- When eggs go on sale buy as many as you will use by the sell by date or longer. I have used eggs up to 6 weeks after that date and they were perfectly fine.

- In the colder months when casseroles are on the menu, make as many meals as you can and just eat it until it is all gone. We don't mind eating the same thing many nights in a row. It saves me from cooking a meal every night or even thinking about what I will serve. It also saves on electricity, natural gas and  time. 

- I love buying large turkeys and chickens. You can get so many cheap meals from them. It's always a fun challenge to see how many I can make from one.

- Use your small appliances instead of the large oven or cook top.  They will save energy. I try to use my crock pot as often as possible in the winter. In the summer I cook with it and many other small appliances out on the patio as to not heat up the house.

- When I worked, I would make a big pot of something to last us the week. Many crock pots full of spaghetti sauce and meatballs and chili come to mind.

- After you have used your big oven, open it up to let the residual heat pour out into the room in heating season. 

- Don't use your oven or stovetop during A/C season. Keep the heat out of the house. Cook outside.

- Size your pots and pans to your burner sizes and use covers. This saves on energy.  

- Save any large bags that you get for kitchen trash that will save you on buying tall kitchen garbage bags. I used a huge plastic zip top bag that my Thirty One purchase came in for kitchen garbage this week.

- Use cloth napkins on your kitchen table instead of paper.

- Use microfiber cloths in your kitchen instead of paper towels.

- Make substitutions in recipes that call for expensive exotic ingredients.

That's all the tips for today. Be back tomorrow.


  1. I find that microfiber towels just aren't absorbent enough for my taste. I prefer to use older, almost worn out cotton or linen towels. Thanks for sharing all of your tips and tricks. I always learn something new to use.

  2. Hi Rozy,

    Thanks for you kindness. Old towels work great too.

  3. I'm so thankful my family eats leftovers cheerfully. We ate the same dinner (beef roast and vegetables) for three nights last week.

    I totally agree about frozen fruit. Berries freeze so well and taste delicious. I have a couple of apple pies I made up last fall that I need to cook before it warms up too much.

    1. I love that you ate the same dinner three nights in a row. It's so much easier than making a new dinner every night. It's also easier to keep a handle on waste.

      Enjoy those apple pies!