Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Frugal Things We Have Done Over The Past Couple Of Weeks

These are the frugal things we have done over the past couple of weeks:

- I have white counter tops in my bathrooms. One of them got stained when I colored my hair. Not noticing the drip until after I rinsed the color out of my hair, I made many futile attempts to remove it with just about anything that would not damage my counter top. Nothing worked until I had the bright idea to get color remover from Sally's Beauty. A little elbow grease and a bit of that and the stain is gone. Paying $ 8.49 instead of having to replace the counter top was a bargain.

- I have washed two loads of clothes in the HE washer using cold water and hung them to dry.

- We have had many simple meals the past few weeks. No fuss saved me time and money.

- We did not have to water our lawn when they put the fertilizer down because we have had plenty of rain.

- I took two library books back and borrowed two more.

- Showers have been navy showers which uses less water. I also save the water while heating up the shower to use outdoors.

- I took the time to detail our car so that we didn't have to pay to have it done.

- Hubby has researched many gas grills over the past few days and decided on one that he will pick up with our SUV today. Walmart had the best price on the brand and kind that we wanted. He will assemble it himself so that we don't have to pay to have it done. 

- I cleaned the carpets in the bedrooms with our carpet cleaner. This has saved us a fortune over the years.

- I only purchased 3 dozen large eggs ($.69 each) and 2 quarts of half and half at Aldi's this week. I also went to Top's for a 3 lb. bag of apples that was only $ 2.34 after a $1.50 Top's click to card coupon and my 6% senior discount. Then I submitted to get $ .25 back from MobiSave.

- I got a notice of a $ 5.12 rebate from Ebates so I turned it into an Amazon gift card and added it to my account.   

- I got $9.00 in rebates in the mail.

- I received a sample of Dove Moisture Body Wash and two K- cup samples from Green Mountain Nantucket Blend.

- I ordered a years worth of Vitamin D and Fish Oil from Amazon who had the best prices. I checked every drugstore, market and Walmart to research the prices.

- We have had a stockpile of 85 bars of soap for many years. Since I am running out of body wash, I have decided not to buy anymore until the bars of soap are all used up. How many years do you think that will take? I needed some soap dishes to put them in that would keep them dry. I bought three from Amazon- again they had the best price. Right now, we are just using it in the shower. However when my hand soap runs out, I will be using them in the master bath and the guest bathroom.

- We got $100. cash back from one of our reward credit cards. 

What frugal things have you done recently? 


  1. I'm loving the low egg prices, that I'm stockpiling them. Your price is even lower than our 77c/doz.

    I'm excited about my Ebates check. Mine is over $50 yikes, but it's going straight into saving. Part of it, is a previous balance for waterproof mattress pads that I bought earlier this year. I also had to replace my sunglasses. My dad always used to say that sometimes it's better to spend more money on a quality product, than to get a cheaper one that has to be replaced constantly. Every year I've had to replace my sunglasses, due to scratches on the lenses. This normally runs about $15-20 a pair. So this year I decided to get myself some Ray Bans again (my last pair lasted 16 years). I got one pair at 50% off for $100 and another pair at around $200. These 2 pairs will last for many years to come. I used $55 gift cards. Besides the usual 6% back, I also got a $10 bonus Macys gc from Ebates, for spending $25. I love the bonus offers. I know that the sunglass purchase might seem excessive to some people, but I know that I made a good investment. With 2 pairs, this could last me 20+ years. I'm currently only using one pair.

    Oh no, I had the same thing happen to our countertops several times, when coloring my hair. I sprayed Lysol liquid cleaner on the stain and let it sit for about an hour and the stain was easy to remove. I just wipe it down with a wet cloth. I also like to keep a Mr Clean Magic Eraser handy for stains. I can't live without those erasers. They really are magic :)

    Do you by any chance have a foaming hand soap dispenser. Have you thought of adding water and a small piece of bar soap to the dispenser to make foaming hand soap? I haven't tried this yet, but if it works your bar soap might last a bit longer, than using the full bar to wash your hands. Just a thought :)

    1. Hi Pubbler,

      Wow! That is a very nice Ebates check. I love that you are putting it in savings. Your Dad was right about quality. It does last longer. You did well buying those sunglasses using all of those gift cards.

      I love my Magic erasers too but that didn't do the trick. I am glad that the Lysol worked for you.

      That is a great idea for the foaming hand soap. Yes I do have some empty containers for that. I will try it.

      I hope you had a great Mother's Day.

  2. Great savings! Hope you enjoy your new grill!
    Happy Mother's Day weekend!

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thanks and I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!