Monday, May 16, 2016

Frugal Things We Have Done Over The Past Eleven Days

These are the things that we have done over the past eleven days even though I was not feeling 100%.

- We did not resort to take out for meals. All meals were made at home.

- Hubby trimmed our trees and bushes.

- The handle broke on our pressure washer. Through researching Hubby was able to find the part and order it so that he can repair it.

- Hubby researched and purchased a new gas grill. It was paid for with money I had been saving from rebates and surveys.

- Instead of going out for an expensive meal, we had friends over for drinks and snacks. It was a fun evening catching up after a long winter. Some on sale beer, Captain Morgan, cola, cranberry, nut and chocolate mix, and pretzels made for a frugal good time.

- My son brought Tim Horton's donuts for breakfast on Sunday morning knowing that I am still getting my energy back. Usually I cook.  

- One of our sump pumps(we have a back up) didn't seem to be working. Our son looked at it yesterday morning and determined that the switch is bad. Our son has a  spare switch at home so he will bring it out tomorrow night and repair it for us. Bonus:  He will get to see his Aunt and Uncle too.

- I received an $ 8.00 beer rebate in the mail.

- We did two loads of wash in the HE washer with cold water. Because I was ill, it was easier to use the dryer. However, we made sure not to over dry the clothing. 

- We were down to our last AA battery. We use a lot of AA's in so many things like the grandchildren's toys. I ordered a pack of 100 for  $ .22 each from using reward points to pay for them.

- We played Yahtzee and War(card game) with our son and grandson yesterday which was cheap entertainment.

- I sewed a missing button on Hubby's shirt.

- Our peonies are huge this year and still growing. So Hubby purchased larger cages(like tomato cages) to keep them contained. I will use the other ones for my extra tomato plants this year.

- Hubby sprayed the weeds in the yard and I treated the foundation with bug spray. I also killed an ant nest.

- Hubby hooked up our hose reel in the front and the back of our home and before he turned them on he remembered to turn off the water spigots in the basement. We open the spigots up all the way so that the outside faucets don't freeze during the winter. Our sprinkler system is ready to use although we haven't had to use it with all of the rain we have had. The hoses get used for different cleaning purposes like power washing the house, patio furniture and patios.

- We watched some shows and a movie on Netflix.

Considering all of the down time I had with my cold, I think we did pretty well.

Did any of you do anything frugal in the past week to 10 days or so? Please share it with us.        

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